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Q: What are 5 adjectives that describe George Washington?
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10 adjectives that describe George Washington?

Tall, polite, and creative.

5 adjectives that describes you?

Five adjectives that describe me are:beautifulbrilliantcheerfulfriendlyselfish

What are 5 words to describe peace?

Examples of adjectives that can describe the noun 'peace' are:briefconditionalelusivelastinguneasy

What would be 5 nouns to describe a triangle?

Nouns are not describing words. The word triangle is a noun. Adjectives are used to describe noun. Some adjectives that describe a triangle are:equilateralscaleneisoscelesacuteobtuse

5 describe words for george washington?

Charismatic Tall Erudite Politician Rebel

What 5 adjectives describe how Lewis felt during the expedition?


What 5 adjectives describe Juan Ponce De Leon?


What are some adjectives to descrive Animal Farm by George Orwell?

Some adjectives that could be used when describing animal farm are: 1.) Big 2.) Scary 3.) Small 4.) Dirty 5.) Productive <---- These are all some adjectives that could describe animal farm. There are alot more you can use.

What are 5 adjectives describe sister?

Kind, funny, loyal, loving, trustworthy.

What 5 adjectives describe superman?

Powerful, heroic, invulnerable, altruistic, and just.

Where did George Washington Carver live?

George Washington Carver died on January 5, 1943.Did you mean George Washington or George Washington Carver?President George Washington died December 14, 1799.The great scientist, botanist, inventor and educator George Washington Carver died January 5, 1943.

What are 5 adverbs 2 describe witches?

Adverbs give information about verbs but witch is a noun. Adjectives describe nouns.