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i got few codes for action replay in Pokemon fire red

infinite money:29c7805996542194

masterball buy:88cfa129 357400b2 8bb602f7 8ceb681a

navel rock:6aadac54aoa4b6c7

all pokemons lv 100:56307399 25df4466

and heres a website with all the Pokemon FireRed Action Replays

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:47:17
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Q: What are Action Replay codes for Pokemon Fire Red?
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Where can you find codes that let you hack Pokemon FireRed on the action replay?

just Google Pokemon fire red action replay codes or go to youtub and type Pokemon fire red action replay codes

How do you get an action replay and action replay codes for Pokemon fire red?

You may only use gameshark for Pokemon firered codes! Buy the gameshark from gamestop. There are gameshark codes on youtube and supercheats.

Pokemon Fire Red V2 Action Replay Code?

No codes!

Action replay max codes for Pokemon fire red?

so you have to buy it?

How do you get mew in Pokemon fire red early in the game?

the Action Replay codes

What is the Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark Shiny Pokemon Modifier?

its a thing which you type codes into but you have to have action replay for you to use it.

How do you get level 100 Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

action replay

Why will none of the action replay codes work on fire red?

because if you cheat your not a real Pokemon trainer, your just a lazy cracker.

What is the all fire type cheat code for Pokemon Diamond?

I do not think there is one...if there is you would find it by typing in "all Pokemon diamond action replay codes"

How do you get Suicune on Pokemon Diamond without action replay?

to get suicune on Pokemon diamond without action replay is to migrate from Pokemon fire red version or leaf green

What are some of the rainbow island teleport Action Replay codes for Firered Version of Pokemon?

Look at and search Pokemon fire red and look up cheats

How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon fire red?

All you have to do is get an action replay and download the codes. The you select bag items, masterball 900

What is the action replay code for shiny Pokemon and M code for Pokemon fire red?


How do you get a Squirtle as a starter on Pokemon diamond?

well you cant (officially) but you can use action replay codes or get from pal park via fire red of leaf green

How do you get a pokeball that can catch other trainers Pokemon in Pokemon fire red?

There is no pokéball that will catch other trainers' pokémon. There are, however, cheat codes that allow you to do this, but requires a cheating device such as the Action Replay.

How do you go to island 8 and 9 in Pokemon firered?

You need to get action replay codes and have an action replayyou cannot get to 8 island on Pokemon fire red. there is no such thing as 8 island.i k what your saying, you have to go to a Nintendo event.

Action replay code for level 100 Pokemon on firered?

action replay cannot be use on Pokemon fire red instead you need a gameshark cheats device that is used for GBA.

What is the code for master balls on Pokemon fire red?

There is no way in order to get a master ball with out an action replay or game shark so simply look for those codes.

How do you get Lugia with the Action Replay for Pokemon Diamond?

You can't. You have to transfer it from Pokemon Leaf Green or Fire Red.

Pokemon Fire Red shiny Pokemon action replay code?

Here is the action replay code for a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Fire Red. 39584B19 D80CC66A, CE71B3D3 1F6A85FB, 198DF179 5413C867, 73ECB8A0 BDD8B251, D5AFFB37 6855972C, 73ECB8A0 BDD8B251. This code has been tested and verified.

Are there any Pokemon Victory Fire GameShark codes?

Yes It's a hack of Emerald, so you'd use codes for Emerald: Here is GameFAQs' collection of Action Replay codes for Emerald: (see related link)

How do you get the aurora ticket on Pokemon fire red?

You must use a gameshark or action replay.

How do get free stuff on Pokemon fire re?

You would have to use an Action Replay / Gameshark.

Where do you enter codes on pokemon pearl?

As far as i am aware you need an R4 or an Action Replay both purchasable online i don't think their are any actual codes for any Pokemon games after leaf green or fire red. Hope this helps

An action replay code for Pokemon diamond for Pokemon to learn every move?

i don't do action replay codes, but i DO know how to make a Pokemon learn any move (not all at once, only 4 at a time). there is an action replay game card you can get at Argos (UK), costs about £12. my cousin has it an it doesnt mess up your game. my sister used it on her poemon sceptile and it knows a fire move, an ice move, an electric move and a grass move. sweet!