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Louise- Justine Monet and Claude Adolph Monet

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Q: What are Claude Monet's parents names?
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Who were claude monet parents?

Claude Monets parents were Claude-Adolphe and Louise-Justine Aubree Monet.

What was Monets dads names?

What was Claude Monets mums and dads names and who and what kind of people are they like from Courtney bray

What was Claude Monets dads job?

Claude Monets dad was a grocery store owner.

What is Claude Monets Fathers name?


Claude monets brother?

The artist Claude Monet had an older brother named Leon. Until 1851, Claude lived in Paris with his parents and brother.

What were the names of Claude Monets wife and children?

Wife:Camille Doncieux Son:Jean Monet and Michael Monet

What are Claude Monets brothers and sister's names?

His brother is Leon Pascal Monet and he doesn't have sisters.

Who were claude Monets sisters?

no sister

What is Claude Monets whole name?

Oscar Claude Monet

Who was jean claude monet?

He was Claude Monets first son

What was the name of claude monets garden?

claude monet jr.

How old was Claude Monets mum?

She died in 1857 when Claude was 16.

Who was Claude Monets siblings?

Michael and Jean

What was Claude Monets scale of work?


What is claude monets full name?

Oscar Claude Monet

What is the pic of Monets poppys called?

claude monets picture of poppys is called The poppy field!

When was claude monets first panting?

Katherine A dog

What were claude monets parents called?

his mothers name was louise-justine aubree monet and his fathers name was adolphe monet

What was Claude Monet's dads job?

Claude Monets dad was a grocery store owner.

What is claude Monets most famous painting?

the water lilies

What is claude monets mother's name?

Louise-Justine Monet.

Where is Claude Monets house?

In Giverny, about 80 km from Paris.

When was claude Monets first son jean born?


Why was claude monets water lilies painted?

he felt like it

What is claude Monets last painting called?

Claude's last painting is called Water Lily Pool

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