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highlights the contribution of each country in developement of physical education.?

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Q: What are Contributions of different countries in physical education?
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Do all countries have physical education?

no not all countries

What are rotations in Physical Education?

rotations in physical education are when you have different groups acording to the grade and you rotate from health to physical education

What has the author Betty Webber Abercrombie written?

Betty Webber Abercrombie has written: 'A philosophical delineation of the contributions of physical education toward attaining the behavioral goals of general education' -- subject(s): Education, Philosophy, Aims and objectives, Physical education and training

What are the different testing battery of pfstt?

physical education and physical fitness

Differences between physical education in Sparta and physical education in Athens?

Physical Education in Sparta was military education where a child had to join at the age of 7 years. Physical Education in Athens was also military education, but they joined after 12 years.

What has the author Ella Walton Shannon written?

Ella Walton Shannon has written: 'The life and professional contributions of Elmer Dayton Mitchell to American physical education and sport' -- subject(s): History, Sports, Physical education and training

What are the different types of movement in physical education?

earobics and anaerobics

Give at least 6 definition of physical education with different authors?

physical education is a part and partial of education which makes an individual physically fit, mentally alert and socially well related

What is education for physical?

Physical Education

The role of general education in physical education?

role of physical education in genral education

What is the difference between physical education and adapted physical education?

adapted physical education is in reference to physical education with special needs children

Different between sports and physical education?

Physical education is often taught in schools, in divided classes, teaching different age groups different types of physical education. However, physical activity is only groups of students playing different games and having fun according to their own preferences.