What are Crotchless panties?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Crotchless panties have no material between the legs. No covering of the vagina area.

They are not pointless. The POINT of any sexy themed panties, is primary to be used in the bedroom. In the end panties have to be removed in order to have sex. Why wear underwear WITH crotch material for that matter either? It's purpose is to be able to keep them on during sex: the reason you bought them in the first place.

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I have always loved the feel and look of womens panties. My girlfiends was going into my dresser when we first started to date and she discovered my collection. At first she thought they were another womens, but immediately told her they were mine. She got so turned on. She intoduced me to crotchless panties. We both wear them and have the greatest sex with them on. The silk caresses our bodies as we grab each other. It adds an addtional dimension to the experience. Ladies try them, and get a pair for your man!

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Q: What are Crotchless panties?
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women wear crotchless just for easy access ,when i see tv with my husband he can toch my vulva without need to take out that,i can peeing without pull it down

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