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Fast colors are those that are resistant to fading - or those that are resistant to external action such as light, acids, alkalies etc. Fast colors are those that are resistant to fading - or those that are resistant to external action such as light, acids, alkalies etc.

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What is the difference between fast coloreds and non fast coloreds clothes?

The difference is fast colors won't "bleed" their color and the non fast will.

Why are red and yellow common colors used by fast food restaurants?

These colors stimulate people's appetites.

How fast does skittle colors dissolve in bleach?

about 1 min

Why do fast food restaurants favor the colors red and yellow for their signs?

The hunger stimulated by these colors helps increase business.

Does the color of the candle affect how fast it burns?

Yes the colour does affect how fast it burns!The color of the candle does affect how long it burns because the heat is produced to darker colors then lighterbut it does not if its a all different colors

Which of these are the most common colors found on fast food restaurant signs?


Which colors absorb heat faster and which colors absorb heat slower?

Black absorbs heat fast. Other colors like red, blue, green, etc, absorb heat slower.

Do you get to chose the colors with the Crayola crayon maker?

Well yeah, you take colors you want then peel them and them break them then you put them in. Colors don't matter in how fast, slow or hard to clean up they are all the same!

Fast foods restaurants use what 3 colors to stimulate hunger?

red yellow orange

Do stone fishes change colors?

no...... but they are very poisonous, the poison works very fast and can kill you in minutes....

Why does the color blue travel faster in carnations than other colors?

how fast does the colour blue travel

What is some words that describe squirrel?

Crazy, Rabies, Fast, Fluffy Tail, Wild, Brown, Other Colors

What is anomalous interference?

Anomalous interference colors are produced by dispersion of refractive indices from slow to fast light rays.

Function of the counterstain in acid-fast?

The function of a counterstain in acid-fast stains is to dye the non acid-fast bacteria cells a different color than the acid-fast cells. With two different colors present on a slide, the contrast between the two types (acid-fast and non acid-fast) is more distinct. The more distinct view of cells will assist in observations of a slide.

What are the colors of acid-fast and non acid-fast bacteria at the end of the acid-fast stain?

Primary stain: carbol fuchsin will leave the acid fast cells red, as it can penetrate the lipoidal (thick waxy) shell of the acid fast shell. Counterstain: methylene blue will leave the non-acid fast cells blue. So you should have red and blue.

How does color affect heat?

i have no clue that's why im asking people im doing a science fair and i need an answer fast plz! Darker colors absorb heat and heat reflects off lighter colors.

What are the bad properties of denim?

Denim is a heavy, stiff, fabric which is tough to stitch and fold. The dye colors are not fast and will bleed and fade.

How fast different colors of light travel through a vacuum?

They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed - The speed of light.

What are the release dates for Sammy's Story Shop - 2008 Not So Fast Songololo All the Colors of the Earth Rosie's Walk 1-17?

Sammy's Story Shop - 2008 Not So Fast Songololo All the Colors of the Earth Rosie's Walk 1-17 was released on: USA: 3 December 2008

What color carpet is best to use in an entryway?

Match the carpet to the room, however go with darker colors as the entryways carpet will get dirty fast!

SLAVERY what did the colors do when they worked for the whites?

the colors waited until nightfall so that they could be naturally camoflouged. they then did all their work super fast so that when the whites would wake up they would think that there was a divine intervention on their crops and they would make a lot of money. then they thought the colors were useless and they disliked them more.

Which colors are defined by Screen colors?

Screen colors are defined by which colors ?

What are the cool colors and the warm colors?

Cool colors are like Blue and Grey. Warm colors are like Red and Yellow. Just think "Cool colors= Winer colors" and "Warm colors= Summer colors" Hope this helps.

What colors are intermediate colors?

Tertiary colors, or colors made by mixing adjacent primary colors are:OrangeVioletGreen

What are map colors made of?

The colors are the revoulution colors.

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