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The Methodist church is a type of Christianity that was founded by John Wesley started as a bible study from the Church of England

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When was United Methodist Free Churches created?

United Methodist Free Churches was created in 1857.

What is another name for the puritan churches?

Congregational Church

Can a Mason become a Methodist?

There are numerous Freemasons that are also members of Methodist churches.

How many countries in which there are Methodist churches?


Do you get confirmed if your a methodist?

Yes, confirmation in the Methodist churches usually takes place when you are a young teenager.

Which American churches werer the most republican in their institutions and ideology?

Baptist and Methodist churches. :)

How many United Methodist churches are in New york?

There are nine hundred and twelve United Methodist Churches in the New York state with twelve territories in the same state.

What is the difference in doctrine between Southern Baptist and Methodist Churches?

Baptist churches baptize older children and adults who have made a commitment to Christ. United Methodist churches Baptize infants and Confirm those who have made a commitment to Christ.

What the difference between the Methodist church and interdenominational church?

Methodist churches are a part of an international organization. Interdenominational churches are independent and try to avoid taking stands that alienate any Christian.

What is the main religion practiced by African Americans?

The many Baptists churches that cater to the blacks. The African Methodist Episcopal Church is the largest of the Methodist churches. There are over 1 million black Catholics as well.

Why isn't there an altar in a Methodist church?

Most Methodist churches have an altar. It is typically in the same location it would be found at in any church.

How many Episcopal churches are in the US?

How many Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Universalist and other churches are in the US?

How do Methodists decorate their churches?

They decorate it to do with the people that go there, but they will do what they choose to and all of the Methodist churches are independent in how they decorate it. Hope this helps!

What is the Methodist belief about the marriage of the ministers?

Unlike the Roman Catholic or most Orthodox Churches, Protestant churches allow their ministers to marry. Therefore, within the Methodist Church, ministers are free to marry whom they like.

Is Methodist Christ or Catholic?

The Catholic Church and the Methodist Churches are both Christian denominations. There are about 2 billion Christians in the world. The World Methodist Council is the worldwide umbrella organization for Methodist and other Weslyan churches. There are 76 member churches, from 132 countries, representing about 75 million Methodists worldwide. The Catholic Church is a worldwide communion comprised of 23 different autonomous or semi-autonomous churches that are in communion with the bishop of Rome (the pope). There are about 1.15 billion Catholics worldwide, in every country.

Who founded Methodist?

Jesus Christ is the founder of all churches. Each may have someone that was significant in forming the church. For Methodist it was John Wesley.

Where can one find a listing of local Methodist churches?

One can find a listing of local Methodist churches from newspaper, magazine, flyer, and brochure advertisements where churches commonly advertise. Online websites like Find-A-Church allow one to search for a local church near him or her.

Did Methodist churches have women ministers before Anglicans?

Yes, since 1956.

Why are Methodist churches not named after saints?

Some are named after saints, mostly the apostles.

Where were the two largest African Methodist episcopal churches located?

america and swaziland

Can non members attend Finance meetings in the United Methodist churches?


Do Protestants have Confirmation?

Some Protestant Churches do, such as Anglican(Episcopalian), Lutheran, Methodist, & Presbyterianism.

What are the similarities between baptist church and Methodist church?

Both Baptist and Methodist are Protestant and believe in the Holy Bible as well as the Trinity, but Baptists are usually literalists, meaning they take every word of the Bible literally, and usually Methodists are not. Also, some Baptist churches are more conservative than some Methodist churches.

Protestants who left the angelican church to found their own churches?

separatists wanted to leave the Anglican churches to form their own churches. John Wesley founded the Methodist Church in large part because Anglican authorities would not provide missionary priests to settlers in America. He and Asbury were both trained in Anglican Universities and founded the Methodist Church in America. (Though Methodist societies were formed first in England.)

What would a good compromise church be for a Methodist adn baptist that are married?

I was in that situation 25 years ago. Methodist churches do have some that are more evangelical than others. If you can find an evangelical Methodist church, usually smaller than the "First Methodist of the City," then that would be the best of the compromise. Not to step on any toes but my spouse found the baptist churches in our southern town to be too judgmental for her Methodist upbringing. I found the Methodist church acceptable to my divergent beliefs in Bible study and I could still believe as a conservative baptist while still a member in the Methodist church.