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Her favorite colors are green and purple.

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Who is in mia hamms family now?

Her husband is Andrew Garciaparra and she has two twin daughters named Grace and Ava.

What r Selena gomez 2 favorite colors?

Selena Gomez's two favorite colors are GREEN and PURPLE!

What is David Cross favorite colour?

He has two favorite colors red and green

What are justin Bieber's two favorite color?

His favorite colors are blue and purple.

What are hobbits' favorite colors?

They liked bright colors. Yellow and green were two of their favorites.

What is Ashley green's favorite color?

Ashley's rumoured two favorite colors are pink and purple.

What are Katy Perry two favorite colors?

i would have thourght everything

What colors goes with color green?

Blue and Green have a great match together because: they are both dark colors they are my two favorite colors!!

What are David Archuleta's two favorite colors?

I think it's green and orange, though he has three favourite colors...

What is David Archuleta's fav color?

He actually has two favorite colors and they are Purple and Yellow --- Yellow and purple were his favorite colors back when he was on the show Star Search. Nowadays he's replaced purple with orange and green. So yellow, orange, and green are his current favorite colors.

What is faith hills favorite color?

faith hill who is also known as Audrey faith perry mcgraw has two favorite colors which are pink and purple which also describe the colors of her personality

What are Selena Gomez's two favorite colors?

1 of them is green and the other purple like me!

What is Miley Cyrus favorite nail polish color?

Miley Cyrus' two favorite nail polish colors are black and white.(:

What is Miley Cyrus's two favorite colors?

miley's favorite color is purple and lime green, and also yellow. Sometimes pink.

What are Peter Kay's two favourite colours?

Comedian Peter Kay's two favorite colors are not known. Peter Kay's favorite foods are potato pie and pear drops.

What is Miley Cyrus's favourite colours?

Miley's two favorite colors are lime green and purple.

What tara lipinski's favorite color?

Tara Lipinski's two favortie colors are pink and blue.

What is two cute colors for braces?

Ok my favorite are... pink and dark blue, light blue and purple, and red and green (Christmas colors!) hope i helped :)

Jane Goodalls favorite color?

her favorite color was black because she was a dark goth emo and was drepessed. she was also gay.

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