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Q: What are Native American symbols or stories of luck?
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What are some native American good luck charms?

Some of the native American good luck charms includes the ruby, the labis, and the opal. Some of these good luck symbols and good luck charms were used in some sort of celebration.

What is the meaning of the grasshopper and grasshopper symbols?

In Native American culture, the grasshopper is the symbol of many things. This includes luck, stability, virtue, patience, and fertility.

What does the natiz flag symble?

it was a native American good-luck symbol

How do you say Kayla in native American?

gukulack ---- pronounced guck-u-luck

What are some native American bad luck symbols?

No sane person has ever devised symbols intended to conjure up bad luck, since that would inevitably result in bad luck for the person using the symbol. It follows that there are absolutely no native American symbols for bad luck.Among the tribes that kept "Winter Counts" (symbols painted on buffalo hide to record major events year by year), many different unfortunate events were recorded simply as a matter of fact. A few examples:A smallpox epidemic that killed many people was indicated by the rough shape of a human being covered with red spots.A year when people starved through lack of meat was indicated by a drawing of the wooden rack with no meat strips hanging from it.A woman killed by enemies was represented by a drawing of a woman with arrows in her chest.None of these were intended to summon bad luck, but recorded events in just the same way that successes were recorded.

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I believe they must have some Native American in them. All the actors have Native American in them. So yes. If you are looking to audition then i would contact Summit. and if you Audition then Good Luck!

Are turtle shells good luck symbols?


What are the good luck symbols in japan?

- Daruma Dolls - Maneki Neko / Beckoning Cat - Hotai / Laughing Buddha Also Kanji symbols for good luck.

What are the good luck symbols in china?

exclamatory point

What are Symbols in The Joy Luck Club?

cultureidentityculture clash

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