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A jar (which contained creatures that were the gifts the Gods bestowed onto Pandora, who later released them onto the world -- Strife, War, Famine, Illness. And little Hope).

She has no particular symbols, but she is always depicted holding the jar which is central to her story.

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Q: What are Pandora's symbols?
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What was Pandoras symbols?

While Pandora was hardly typical, she was technically human, and thus wouldn't have any symbols. However, that said, she was closely connected to the eponymous box/jar from which all the woes in the world came.

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pandoras box

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What were Pandoras powers?

She didn't have any powers. She was just a woman.

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phyrra _(fiery)ms.lee-lee bbyno!^

Who are pandoras relatives?

Pandora doesn't have relatives. She was created out of nothing by the gods.

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what were pandora's the greek ancient goddess' intrests

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She doesn't have any, she was moulded from clay by the gods.

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Surely it was Pandora who opened the box?

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The shadowy intruder in Professor Layton is Don Paolo. He appears in both the curious village and pandoras box. In curious village, he poses as Inspector Chelmey annd in pandoras box, he poses as Flora.

Is Olympus Pandoras husband?

Depending on the source, Pandora was said to have married Prometheus or Epimetheus.

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Who were pandoras siblings?

Pandora had no siblings. She was created alone for the sole purpose of bringing hardship to mankind.

Who is Pandoras counter part in the Christian faith?

Eve. The box being represented as the apple of knowledge.

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