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* Personality as a child: quiet, unassuming, complaint, eager to please, introverted, imaginative, likes to play alone, daydreams, unsure, sensitive, easily overwhelmed, secretive, sympathetic, and selfless * Personaltiy as a mature woman: learned to tell the truth instead of lying, learning to see her own boundaries, avoiding conflicts, responsible, finds value and meaning in spiritual ritural, compassionate, intuitive, wise, and depressed because she is away from her mother * She is prone to: 1. attracting people with severe problems or abusive behavior 2. mysterious illnesses that are difficult to treat or diagonose * Powers: [according to more that one myth] 1. able to fly with great speed 2. able to deliver heavy blows with just a fist 3. can summon large rocks to hurl at opponent 4. can shoot energy beams 5. helps earth go through the seasons [in the winter and fall, she is in the underworld and in the spring and summer, she is with her mother] 6. brings life to plants

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Persephone is sweet, compassionate, and stunningly beautiful.

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Q: What are Persephones attributes?
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Who was Persephones dad?


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Persephones grandparents were Crouns and Rhea on bothe sides. Her motehr was Demter and father was Zeus, and Zeus and Demter were siblings.

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Persephone's weapon is her stunning beauty.

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Persephone is a goddess out of Greek myth.

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Persephone's mother was Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.