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Q: What are Salamanders and newts known as?
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Salamanders and newts are known as?

Andrias japonicas of Japan

What is the difference between a salamander and a newt?

Newts are a group of salamanders belonging to the family Salamandridae. (All newts are salamanders, but not all salamanders are newts) In North America there are two genus of newts, the Eastern newts and the Western newts.

What has the author Frank Indiviglio written?

Frank Indiviglio has written: 'Newts and salamanders' -- subject(s): Newts as pets, Newts as pets., Salamanders as pets, Salamanders as pets. 'Seahorses'

Are newts anphibians?

No, newts and salamanders belong in the Herp family

Are salamanders newts?

No. Salamnders and newts are two different species.

What has the author Richard Griffiths written?

Richard Griffiths has written: 'Newts and salamanders of Europe' -- subject(s): Newts, Salamanders

What are water salamanders called?


Are newts and salamanders the same yes or no?


Do salamanders eat turtle food or snails?

No salamanders/Newts do not eat turtle food all the turtles food dose is make the salamanders/newts cage stink.

Are newts the same as salamanders?

No...newts and salamanders are both amphibians (like frogs); however, newts are a little bigger than the common salamander. Also, newts are more of a water amphibian while salamanders tend to prefer moist areas like under logs and such.

What type of salamander is a spotted salamander?

There are different types of spotted salamanders. Depending on the color there are many types. My personal favorite is the red spotted newt. Newts and salamanders are pretty much the same thing but newts live more in water. Salamanders also can live in the water but you will mostly find newts there. Different kinds of spotted newts/salamanders are: Black and yellow spotted, Blue spotted, and Red spotted salamanders/newts.

How are newts and salamanders beneficial to their environment?

they aren't

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