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Serebii and Psypokes are two Pokémon websites containing virtually every info about Pokémon games, shows, and movies.

"Serebii" is also the Japanese name for Celebi, a Grass/Psychic legendary Time Travel Pokémon; the website chose Celebi's Japanese name for the name of the website.

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Q: What are Serebii and Psypokes?
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Where is mahogany town on Pokemon Crystal?

you definitely need help here, so go read everything on bulbapedia and serebii and psypokes, then here is the solution... mahogany town is in mahogany town!

Are there any Pokemon sites?

Yes, there are many pokemon sites and forums. They may contain different kinds of information and may contain questions from others. A couple examples of good sites are: Psypokes, Bulbapedia, Pokemondb and Serebii.

Pokemon-serebii a real Pokemon card?

No, People Tricked You, Its A Fake

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Where do you find serebii in Pokemon diamond?

You don't. Celebi or Serebii is unobtainable.

Cheat codes for Pokemon yellow?

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What comes after manaphy in pokemon platnium pokedex?

If you look at psypokes you will notice that it is rotom

What is serebii email address?

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Where is a good website you can get Pokemon sprites?

Pokemon serebii

Is Psypoke or Serebii better?

I recently think it is psypoke.

How does serebii get corocoro magazine?

One of their editors lives in Japan.

Where is serebii in Pokemon HeartGold?

Serebii is Japanese for the Pokemon Celebi. You must have the Mystery Gift event for it. It was available at 2010. It is now unobtainable at this moment. You have to have the Action Replay for Celebi. Hope this helped!

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I know that togetic should check serebii

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It doesn't learn it at all. Check Serebii.

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Serebii Pokebeach Pokemon Marriland Pokemon Japan Pokemon. I recommend checking Serebii before anything else.

Could you show me a map of where fullmoon island is in pokemon pearl?

Look on serebii pokearth

What website can you find a picture of Pokemon?

Bulbapedia, the Pokemon Wiki, and Serebii are good sources.

Do spinarak evolve on emerald?

At level 22 i think, i use serebii.. You should try it (:

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When will Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3 come to USA?

In Spring 2009 acorrding to serebii

Can you get Celebi in Pokemon heartgold US version?

Not yet, but look at Serebii constantly to find out when.

What are some cheats for Pokemon Yellow?

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Can you find starters in white forest?

no if you check serebii it gives you a list of all the pokemon you can find.

Where is the move tutor in Pokemon black 2?

There are a few. look at the list I've attached (Serebii)