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Simon's greatest strengths in "Lord of the Flies" are his compassion, sensitivity, and ability to see beyond the surface of situations and people. He demonstrates a deep understanding of human nature and a willingness to help others, making him a source of wisdom and guidance for the other boys on the island.

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Q: What are Simon's greatest strengths in the Lord of the flies?
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What do Ralph and piggy excuse in lord of the flies?

Simons Murder.

Was Ralph and piggy involved in Simons murder true or false in The Lord if the flies?


Who are simons parents in Lord of the Flies?

unknown. i dont actually know if they discussed anything about his parents.

What is simons function in the novel in the lord of the flies?

NOBODY ANSWER THIS!! He's trying to get this answer for his Year 10 English Coursework! Do it yourself!

In lord of the flies how was the weather on the night Simon died?

The weather on the night Simon died in "Lord of the Flies" was stormy and chaotic, with strong winds and heavy rain. The storm added to the sense of darkness and confusion surrounding Simon's death.

In lord of the flies the narrator suggests that often the greatest ideas are what?

the simplest.

Who brings up simons name in lord of the flies?

Ralph brings up Simon's name when he tries to remind the group of boys about Simon's murder and the possible existence of a "beast." Simon is a character in "Lord of the Flies" who is killed by the group during a frenzy.

What surrounds simons body as it floats to the sea in lord of the flies?

As Simon's body floats out to the sea in "Lord of the Flies," it is surrounded by gentle waves and the vast expanse of the ocean. There is a calmness and serenity to the scene, highlighting the contrast between his peaceful passing and the chaos and violence that consumed the island.

What is jack's strengths in Lord of the Flies?

Jack's strengths in "Lord of the Flies" include his charisma and ability to inspire others, as well as his boldness and assertiveness in taking charge of situations. He is also a skilled hunter and is willing to take risks to achieve his goals.

What surrounds Simons body as it floats into the sea?

"Howling wind and waves wash Simon's mangled corpse into the ocean, where it drifts away, surrounded by glowing fish." from Lord of the Flies Sparknotes

What do others think of Simons opinion about the beast in lord of the flies?

No one ever found out about what the beast really was from Simon because they had accidentally beaten him to death before Simon could actually tell them anything.

What does Simons comment about Piggy helping to build the fire tell us about him in Lord of the Flies?

At page42, Simon commented on Piggy. "We used his specs, he helped that way." shows that Simon see the best out of people.