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3rd, shortstop, 2nd base, 1st base, left field, centerfield, and right field


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The are six outs in an inning of softball. (trick question -- there are three outs per team and both teams play in one inning). Six, just like in baseball.

Pitcher, Catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base or short stop

There are six people on each team in floor hockey. The three positions in floor hockey are forward, defense, and goalies.

There are six positions in hockey: three forwards—comprised of a centre and two wingers—two defencemen, plus one goaltender.

There are six positions on a volleyball team: Front left, front middle, front right (setter), Back left, back middle, back right.

When I was six, I played for a red and black team called Flash or other ideas: Thunder Mini Dogs Lil _____

He played with the team for six seasons, alternating positions as pitcher and outfielder.

the six positions are setter, middle, power, and the three back rows (which are the same name but in back row)

There are six positions in the house of representatives. These positions include the whip, the floor leader, party conference chair, and the democratic and republican house committees, and assistant minority leader.

there are six positions on the court. usually teams have 8-12 players, but only six can play at one time.

They have almost everything in common. The only differences are: A softball is bigger, but it isn't as hard as a baseball. Softball games are usually six or seven innings. Unlike the American League in pro baseball, there are no designated hitters in softball.

There are six positions: wing link middle middle link wing

There are six positions that sound relatively meager, but are important to the working of the system. These positions are clerk, speaker, sergeant at arms, doorkeeper, postmaster, and chaplain.

I don't know of a Bruin who did this, but in a game in the 1923 playoffs King Clancy played all six positions.

It depends on what formation. On offense you will have a center, two guards, two tackles and a quarterback. You will also have 5 other players that can be runningbacks, tight ends, split ends, and wide recievers. Six of these players must be on the line of scrimmage or you will get a flag for illegal formation. On defence you will have defensive ends, defensive tackles, noseguards, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safties. Defensive ends are on the end of the defensive line. Tackles line up in between the defensive ends. Noseguards line up on the center. Linebackers line up about four yards behind the line. You will usually have a middle linebacker(MLB), a right outside linebacker(ROLB), and a left outside linebacker(LOLB). You will have cornerbacks outside covering wide recievers and split ends. You will have a safety about 10 yards behind the line. You can have two safties. These are the positions run, but one team can only have 11 on the field.

Six position in a volleyball.

Yes, he did say a while ago that SEAL Team Six was his team.

There are five players whose responsibility is to block defensive players and to protect the quarterback: Left Tackle Left Guard Center Right Guard Right Tackle There are six players whose responsibility to gain yardage and score points. Those positions are: Tight End Wide Receiver Running Back Quarterback

The six shooters are a team in the league styfl in AZ.

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

An NFL team called the six shooters is the Indianapolis Colts.

AnswerThere are six positions in volleyball1 zone2 zoneSettercentreleft defenceright defence offers you a unique alternative for your defensive driving courses. Instead of sitting in a classroom for six hours on a Saturday, why not choose our defensive driving courses, where you can take up to 90 days, log in and out as many times as you like to complete our courses.

If there have been no penalties, a team will have six players on the ice. Three would be called forwards and are considered offensive players, two would be called defensemen, or blue liners, and would be considered defensive players. The sixth player on the ice for a team is the goaltender.

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