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Well it depends on the breed of parakeet. I have 2 budgies and they are very adorable. They even mated. They can live to be about 15 if well cared for. They can fly if allowed and will be loving companions forever if you love them in return. They are generally ment to be kept in pairs, but if you want your own companion, you should keep them single. It isn't good though to keep a single parakeet if you are busy and he/she doesn't get enough attention. I tryed keeping them alone and they got very stressed out and we wound up putting them back together. For little birds I personally think that they eat A LOT. Their seed is kind of costly too if you get good, healthy brands. We have 2 budgies so buying seed is a big cost. If there are any other questions that you may want to ask you may e-mail me at

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Do parakeets interact better with wild birds or parakeets?


What is the possessive noun of parakeets?

The possessive form of the plural noun parakeets is parakeets'.Example: The parakeets' cages are cleaned daily.

Are parakeets poisonous?

No, parakeets are not poisonous.

When were parakeets discovered?

Parakeets were discovered in 1891

Do parakeets swim?

Parakeets cannot swim.

What do parakeets love?

Parakeets love to explore!

Are Parakeets carnivourous?

Parakeets are NOT carnivorous. They are herbivorous.

Why did parakeets become extinct?

Parakeets are not extinct.

How do parakeets communicate?

Parakeets communicate by chirping and making noises. Some parakeets can talk but not most of them.

Can you mix parakeets with canarys?

What pet birds can you put with parakeets? Can you mix Finches, parakeets, doves, and canarys?

How do you now if my parakeets eggs are furtilised?

what do i do if my parakeets have eggs?

Who discovered parakeets?

Aboriniginal people discovered parakeets

Are parakeets same has budgies?

Yes, budgies are parakeets.

Why do parakeets go in circles?

why does parakeets go in circiles

Fa mos parakeets?

how many kinds of parakeets

What are facts about parakeets?

Some interesting facts is that one time one parakeet was too protective on the second day another interesting fact is that they actually eat veges/fruitsThey are blue, yellow or green

Do parakeets get diseases?

Parakeets can get sick and diseases.But they have cures for some.

Can parakeets eat berries?

Yes, Parakeets can eat berries.

Do you love parakeets?

I do like parakeets, but they are very iritating and mean...

Where are parakeets or love birds from?

Lovebirds are from Africa. Parakeets are from Australia.

Can parakeets eat leaf spinach?

No parakeets CAN NOT eat spinach !!

Can parakeets fart-?

Parakeets do fart, because, they are animals with intestines.

Do parakeets have backbones?

Yes. Parakeets, and all birds, are vertebrates.

Do parakeets eat other parakeet?

Well parakeets don't eat other parakeets but they do eat the eggs that don't hatch. :/

Are parakeets good pets?

Parakeets are good first time pets but if you don't like loud noise parakeets are not the pet for you.

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