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A couple of good brands of stereo headphones are Maximo iMetal iM590 and Koss KSC 75. These are both good choices because they have high customer ratings and are reasonably priced.

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Q: What are a couple of good brands when shopping for stereo headphones?
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What brands of phones are the Ihome ihmp5r 2 and 1 stereo headphones compatable with?

They are c Ihome ihmp5r 2 and 1 stereo headphones.

Which brands offer bluetooth stereo headphones?

There are many brands that offer bluetooth headphones. Some of the better ones include sony, motorla, jabra, jawbone, plantronics, and Phiaton. The Jawbone ones tend to be more expensive but are also significantly higher rated.

What stores offer the best prices on stereo headphones? helps you buy the Stereo Headphones for the lowest price by comparing the prices offered by the top rated Stereo Headphones stores.

What is the purpose of a Bluetooth headphone?

Bluetooth stereo headphones are cordless stereo or surround sound headphones designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices and equipment. Bluetooth headphones a good choice for connecting to cell phones, digital music players and other devices that might ride along in tow. Bluetooth stereo headphones can be bought through amazon, PayPal or electronic store in your province.

What is the average price range of wireless earphones?

The price of wireless headphones varies greatly depending on the brand of the headphones, the model and the retailer. Typically one would expect to pay at least $15 up to $100's for the top of the range model.

What size are standard stereo headphones?


Where can one purchase stereo headphones?

There are many places one can purchase stereo headphones. The most popular places are Amazon and eBay as they are easily accessed and ship the product.

Does Bose sell stereo headphones?

Bose does indeed sell stereo headphones. You can find out more about them at their website, or call up your local bose representitive and ask about their products.

Does Sony make stereo headphones?

Yes, Sony does make stereo headphones. There are a number of different places they can be purchased. You could get them on any number of websites, or also in retail stores such as Walmart.

What headphones work best with a casio LK-120 keyboard?

The best headphones that will work with Casio LK-120 Key Lighting Keyboard are stereo headphones.

What headphones are compatible for a vizio lcd tv?

Most headphones are compatible with a Vizio LCD TV, but the manufacturer recommends using Vizio Bluetooth Stereo headphones.

What are some brands of car stereo amplifiers?

There are a few brands of car stereo amplifiers on the market today. One can check out brands such as Boss, Kenmore and Pioneer when making the decision on an amp.