What are a few words in croatian?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Here are a few words: Yes=Da No=Ne Please=Molim Thank you=Hvala Hello/hi=Zdravo/bog Goodbye=Do videnja Good morning=Dabro jutro Good evening=Dobra vecer Good night= Laku noc Good day=Dobar dan Men=Muskarci Women=Zene Where is...?=Gdje je...? Is there...?=Ima...? There isn't...=Nema... I would like...=Zelim... Entrance=Ulaz Exit=Izlaz Open=Otvoreno Closed=Zatuoreno WC=Zahodi Sorry if these are not very accurate. I tried my best. I will try to get more!

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Q: What are a few words in croatian?
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Was 'Twilight' translated into Croatian?

Yes, just a few months after the original ^^

What are some useful words to know in Croatian if you are going to Croatia?

here is few useful words: kako si? - how are you hvala- thank you dobar dan - hello doviđenja - goodbye vidimo se - see ya later koliko - how much that is some words....

What has the author Vojislav Mataga written?

Vojislav Mataga has written: 'Posustajanje kulture' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Croatian literature 'Romanizmi u neretvanskom govoru' -- subject(s): Romance, Dialects, Croatian language, Foreign words and phrases, Serbo-Croatian language

What is hello in Croatian?

you say bok or dobar dan (good day), dobra večer (good evening), dobro jutro (good morning), you can also say kako si (how are you) trust me, im croatian. ( my last name is stipancic, pronouced stip-an-chich if you are talking or are croatian)It can be said in a few different ways.BokBogZdravoPozdrav

How do you say wine in croatian?

The answer in croatian is..Wine = Vino

How the island has a Croatian?

I didn't know the island can have a Croatian.

What is 'Cheers' in Croatian?

Nazdravlje and Åivjeli are 'Cheers' in Croatian.

Grandma in croatian?

Baka is the pronunciation of grandma in Croatian.

How do you say Serbo-Croatian in German?

Depending on the context, Serbo-Croatian can be translated as:Serbokroatisch - I speak Serbo-Croatian - Ich spreche SerbokroatischSerbokroate - He is Serbo-Croatian - Er ist SerbokroateSerbokroatin - She is Serbo-Croatian - Sie ist Serbokroatin

How do you say formal in croatian?

in croatian formal is said: svečano. svechano (pronounced)

When was Croatian Railways created?

Croatian Railways was created in 1991.

When was Croatian Wikipedia created?

Croatian Wikipedia was created in 2003.