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Here are a few words: Yes=Da No=Ne Please=Molim Thank you=Hvala Hello/hi=Zdravo/bog Goodbye=Do videnja Good morning=Dabro jutro Good evening=Dobra vecer Good night= Laku noc Good day=Dobar dan Men=Muskarci Women=Zene Where is...?=Gdje je...? Is there...?=Ima...? There isn't...=Nema... I would like...=Zelim... Entrance=Ulaz Exit=Izlaz Open=Otvoreno Closed=Zatuoreno WC=Zahodi Sorry if these are not very accurate. I tried my best. I will try to get more!

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โˆ™ 2008-11-20 01:22:04
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Q: What are a few words in croatian?
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