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Q: What are a tarantula's adaptations?
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What are the behavioral adaptations of tarantulas?

They have hair legs

Tarantulas habits and adaptations?

how do tarantula's protect themselves?

What adaptations does a tarantulas have?

The adaptation of a tarantula is its hairs on its back to defend itself from preadators and camoflage is another one

What is the reproduction of tarantulas?

to reproduce tarantulas is to have baby tarantulas be born.

Can female tarantulas live with male tarantulas?

NO. Male tarantulas make a nice, light snack for a female.

Are there Scottish tarantulas?

Tarantulas are not native to Scotland.

Do tarantulas eat other tarantulas?

yes they do

What animals eats tarantulas?

The Tarantula Hawk preys on tarantulas

Do tarantulas have nipples?

No. Tarantulas are not mammals they are arachnids

What are some adaptations of Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas allowing them to eat?

They have a varied diet - including small reptiles, rodents and birds. If they cannot find food of one particular type, they will readily switch to another.

Are there tarantulas in Jamaica?

All parts of the Caribbean has had tarantulas.

Where can you get tarantulas?

Pet kingdom usually sells tarantulas.

How do tarantulas protect themself?

How do tarantulas protect themselves

Do tarantulas give birth?

Tarantulas lay eggs

Are there any tarantulas in Greece?

NO there is no tarantulas in Europe I think

How many babies do tarantulas have?

Tarantulas have 2,000 babies.

Do tarantulas have hair?

Yes, tarantulas have a type of hair.

How can tarantulas die?

Some tarantulas may be caught by predators, such as wasp. Other tarantulas may starve or get a disease. Only some of the tarantulas will survive into adulthood. By: Takara Knight

Are there any tarantulas native to Wyoming?

No, there are no tarantulas native to Wyoming.

How did tarantulas get their name?

tarantulas got their name from Taranto,Italy

Do tarantulas live in rainforests?

Yes Tarantulas do live in rainforest's

Where do desert tarantulas live?

Tarantulas live in burrows they dig.

How much does a tarantulas weigh?

tarantulas weigh 3lbs maximum

Can tarantulas be the color gray?

Yes, Tarantulas can be the color grey.

When was Tarantulas Records created?

Tarantulas Records was created in 2002.