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You can find substances that can only be found underground.

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Q: What are advantages of underground mining?
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What are the advantages of underground mining?

Advantages of Underground Mining are: * It allows minerals to be extracted from deep underground * It doesn't create a mess like open cut or surface mining * Does not affect the physical environment as much as surface mining

What is Underground Mining?

underground mining is done when the rocks, minerals of gemstones are too far underground to get out with surface mining some kinds of underground mining are Borehole Mining Drift Mining Hard Rock Mining Shaft Mining Slope Mining

How do surface mining and underground mining differ?

Surface mining occurs close to the surface (less than a mile deep), while underground mining is underground.

What are the cons of surface mining?

The advantages of surface mining are: * It is cheaper to extract the ore or metal than underground mining * Less chance of workers dying from toxic fumes, therefore it is safer unlike underground mining. * It is also faster The disadvantages of surface mining are: * That it destroys the landscape and environment * Effects the habitats of fauna potentially effecting the existing ecosystem in that area * Flora is destroyed * Causes noise, air and water pollution

What is an open cut mining different to an underground mining?

it is open not underground (it has no roof)

Two types of mining?

Underground mining surface mining

What is the most expensive mining?

underground mining

What are two types of mining?

The two types of mining are Open-cast mining and Underground mining. Underground mining is further divided in to Adit mining and Shaft mining.

Disadvantages and advantages to mining potash?

advantages to mining potash

Is open pit mining safer than underground mining?

it is, because if underground the mine can cave in.

What is the NAICS for bituminous underground mining?

NAICS Code(s) 212112 (Bituminous Coal Underground Mining)

What is a method for uranium mining?

Uranium mining can be either by open pit mining or by underground mining.