What are all of the fruits in PAC man?

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In Pac Man
Original Pac-Man:

Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple, Melon, Galaxian, Bell, Key

Ms. Pac-Man:

Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Pretzel, Apple, Pear, Banana, [Random]
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How do you play Pac-Man?

First, you'll see that the maze will have lots of little dots. You have to eat them all, avoiding the ghosts guarding the maze. (The ghosts' names are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.) When you eat an electirc bomb, it is worth 50 points, and the ghosts will get shocked electric, but only for a secon ( Full Answer )

What is the all-time highest score recorded in a game of Pac-Man?

Florida resident Billy Mitchell achieved the highest score of Pac-Man on July 3, 1999, racking up a score of 3,333,360 during a U.S.-Canada clash over the Fourth of July weekend. Mitchell took more than six hours to complete the game at the Fun spot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. T ( Full Answer )

Can you complete pac-man?

There are 255 boards in Pac-Man. The game runs out of code on board 256. It is impossible to complete the board because half the screen is garbage. So it can be completed up to that point, and maybe 100 people have done it. Billy Mitchell became the first person to play a perfect game of Pac-Man in ( Full Answer )

When was pac-man invented?

Pacman was invented in Japan on May 22,1980 (correcting the guy who answered may 22 2011)

How do you play PAC man?

Instructions on how to play pac-man . The Object of the game is eat all the dots in the stage . Watch out for the Ghosts or they'ill get you! . Get a power dot (the big dot) and the ghosts will turn blue. you can eat them for a short time then they will turn normal again . Eat all the dots and ( Full Answer )

Where was PAC man invented?

Pac-Man was an arcade game developed by Namco Ltd. originally base in Tokyo, Japan. First released in Japan on May 22, 1980.

How old is Pac Man?

Pac Man was first released in Japan on May 22, 1980 so it is 32 years old.

Does PAC man smoke?

yes he does he smokes the little ghosts. and i saw him having a spliff outside level 2

What is the world record for PAC man?

The world record for pac man has not been set yet, due to the fact that one man in Korea has been playing nonstop since 1982. He is still to this day playing and has only lost one life. This life was lost when he was distracted by a poisonous snake which has bitten his leg. This man, named Hoo Yoo P ( Full Answer )

Who beat Pac-Man first?

on July 3 1999 Billy Mitchel in holly wood Florida came first with 3,333,360 points he defeated it in 6 hours

Is Pac Man Dead?

A little yellow pie shape isn't really alive in the fisrt place, so yes and no...

What are the names of the pac-man ghosts?

Red - Blinky Light Blue - Inky Pink - Pinky Orange - Clyde Purple- Sue Gray- Dinky Their Personalitites: The designers of PacMan gave the ghosts different personalities, because if they all acted the same the game could get boring and impossible to beat. Blinky is the smartest. He actually f ( Full Answer )

How many pac-dots are in a pac-man level?

around 240 PAC dots appear in one level of PAC-man. The PAC dots are also in the PAC-amn world games(1,2and 3) and many other PAC-man games.

Does pac man have teeth?

No one has spotted any teeth on Pac Man's mouth, so the answer remains a mystery. BUT, if you ask me, i'd say that he doesn't have any teeth.

Who owns copyright of Pac man?

Pac-Man belongs to Namco and liced by Midway in America. - PacMan does belong to Namco but they severed business with Midway after Midway kept making unlicensed 'spin-offs' of PacMan

What is Pac-Man called on Miniclip?

Pac girl of course it is so good not games on miniclip are gay. jst get PAC man on your phone REMEMBER MINICLIP IS GAY

How many pac man games is there?

First all of the real question is How many pacman games are there. Second of all there are two pacman games. Mr. Pacman and Ms. Pacman. Please use grammar, thanks.

When was pac-man first created?

The original Pac-man was released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It was released in North America in October 1980.

What is the Pac-Man Defense in Basketball?

It's when the defense decides to keep all of its players tight together. The rule of thumb is that the perimeter defenders (up top or on the wings) never go past the three point line unless the player with the ball is right on it. This defense is effective against a team that wants to get the ball i ( Full Answer )

Is Pac Man frustrating?

It can be, until you get good enough at it that you can reach thehigher levels easily.

How many levels are in Pac Man?

there are 255 levels on level 256 there is a bad killscreen (a.k.a.glicth or bug in the hardware)

Who created the game Pac Man?

The creator of pacman was primarily Namco employee Toru Iwantani who lived in Japan. He spent over 18 monthes creating it.

Why do the ghosts chase Pac-Man?

The ghosts chase Pac-Man because they add an extra challenge to the gamer. No one would want to play a game that was too easy, so the creators added that challenge.

Why is Puckman called Pac-Man?

For the North American market, the name was changed from Puck Man to Pac-Man , as it was thought that vandals would be likely to change the P in "puck" to an F, forming a common expletive. [31] Puck Man machines can be found throughout Europe. When Midway released Pac-Man in the United State ( Full Answer )

Cheat codes for pac-man?

No offense but that's pretty sad if you need to cheat on pac-man... pretty simple concept really.

Why is pac-man yellow?

The people that created Pac-Man just decided to make him yellow, maybe it was she/he's favorite color? Who knows? 'Nother question, 'nother day.

How do you make a pac-man?

First, you get a piece of paper. Then, make it and fold it like a W. All Points equal. Next, fold the corners in. Then, fold one side and rip the corners.

How do you make a paper Pac Man?

first you get a square sheet of paper and take the top corner and fold it to the left then your4 done

Has anyone ever completed a game of Pac Man all the way to the end?

Believe it or not, a dedicated gamer named Billy Mitchell was the first person to complete a perfect game of Pac-Man. On July 3, 1999, he completed all 256 levels with a maximum score of 3,333,360 points, eating every fruit, pellet, blue ghost and dot without losing a life. It took him 6 hours. The ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the Pac Man game?

If you want to play the original Pacman games, just download MAME (it's an emulator). If you want to play the Pacman version which Paul Neave has upgrated for the web, you can follow the related link below for neave.com and click on the yellow Pacman. On this website, you can play a game, record ( Full Answer )

What is some information for the game pac-man What is a hint for the invention Pac-Man?

Pac-man is a old arcade classic. From the very first pacman to Pac-man AIT.Today we think of pacman as the best arcade classic. Its a game about eating pellets,power pellets,ghosts and fruit. Now a days Pac-man is rarely played because of its age and its lack of size and gaming space. Its assumed th ( Full Answer )

What are the fruits in Google pac man?

actually its a pineapple and a peach, there has been confusion on that but its been proved that it is a pineapple and a peach (: .

What is the order of fruits in Ms PAC man?

Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Pretzel, Apple, Pear, 3 Bananas, 4Juniors, Grape, Rasperry, Blackberry, Cherry, Banana, Banana,Advocado, Mango, Watermelon, Pretzel

What is the pac man HTML code?

You cannot create Pac Man just with HTML. It is not a programming language. You need a programming language to write programs. HTML is not capable of doing those kinds of things. It just lays out pages and formats text to a limited extent. A website with Pac Man has programming code built into ( Full Answer )

Is pac man a polygon?

Yes. A polygon is a many-sided enclosed figure. Pac-Man is not a regular polygon (I don't think so anyways). I do believe is is irregular.

When was the game Pac Man created?

The Pac-Man game was released from Japan in May 22nd, 1980. By October of the same year it was released to the United States. Pacman became a icon of the 80's. To this day, it is still as popular as it when it first came to the United States.

What species or animal is pac-man?

I think you may be confused what is pac-man. The species of pacman is a fictional species called a pac person or pac people. Just like humans in real life but the word pac in their world, so they call them pac people or person. In the pac man wiki it says that pac man's species is a pac person. In t ( Full Answer )

Why did Pac-Man eat the road?

There is no official answer. Pac-Man just liked to eat things. Theroad may have been candy, or some other munchable snack.