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soda such as coca cola can cause loss of bone mass and softening of the teeth.

Another harmful ingredient in soda is carbon acids. Carbon acids can increase the acidity of blood. When your body chemistry becomes acidic, it can open the door to other diseases. Both cancer and Arthritis are more prone to develop in acidic conditions.

not to mention that coca cola use to contain "Cocaine" hench the name "Coca" cola.

But it's OK because the cocaine was taken out in 1908.

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Q: What are all the bad things Coca Cola can do to you?
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What bad things can happen to you if do Coca-Cola?

bad teeth

What is the bad thing from Coca-Cola?

it makes you fat

Why does not Aluminium react to Coca-Cola?

you have bad grammar skills

Is Coca Cola bad for your teeth?


Is it bad to chug coca cola?

no but it hurts.

What are the Disadvantages of Coca Cola?

It is not a good idea to drink Coca cola. First because it has a lot of calories and if you eat or drink so much calories you can get diseases. And it makes your body weak. Coca cola is also very bad for calcium that some people call it anti calcium. It can also make your teeth rot. Coca cola also has caffeine which alerts you and is very bad for your nerves system. And finally Coca cola takes water from your body. Trade all these facts for only the good taste of Coca Cola.

Is too much Coca-Cola bad?

Very bad.

Why is coca-cola bad for you?

Because there is caffeine in it

Why is Coca-Cola bad?

It contains crack.

Is Coca-Cola a bad company?


Is coca cola bad food for flowers?

coca cola never rated high on good quality of nutrients for any living thing.

Is Coca Cola bad for your health?

It is bad for your health, it may cause canser.

What is the bad history about Coca Cola?

The bad history of Coca-cola was that they used to have cocaine as one of the ingredients in Coca-cola. The only thing is about trying to find information of it happening because all of the information is glossed over, they usually say where it was created by who how much it was sold and maybe how it was advertised buy if you want the truth it will take a bit to find.

Is Coca-Cola fake or real?

real ,it can all so ruin your teeth very bad

Is there caffeine in Coca-Cola zero?

Yes, although Coca-Cola Zero has no Calories, Sugar, or anything considered "bad" for you it does have some caffeine.

Which is better to drink Coca-Cola or water?

Water is a lot better for you and you need it to survive and coca cola is really bad for you and soda just hurts your body so water but every once in a while you can coca cola.

Is coca-cola a good company?

Coca-Cola is a wealthy company, and could be considered by many to be good or bad. It is in almost every country in the World.

How does cola coca effects your body?

sugar and caffiene both bad for you

How is Coca-Cola bad?

Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage that is also very abrasive to the stomch lining. Drinking too much soda can cause gastro-intestinal issues, as you get older. Also, Coca Cola has as much caffeine as a cup of instant coffee.. Coca Cola offers both diet and caffeine free..

Is coca cola bad for you?

Yeah, it is. If you do drink coca cola, drinking a large glass of water shortly afterwords can help clean it out of your body though. I drink it still (:

Why might cola be bad for your body?

coca cola might be bad for your body because it is a fizzy drink which contains caffeine (a type of drug) which is bad for your body, teeth, and health.

Which liquid stains the teeth the most Coca Cola tea or coffee?

Tea. But the long term bad effects of Coca Cola and other soft drinks are very bad! Tea only stains teeth, it does not harm them, considering that you don't add sugar to it. Ice tea however has a demineralizing effect on a tooth's enamel that is similar to Coca Cola.

Advantages and disadvantages of Coca cola?

I dont know........But its really really bad for your health

What is the effect of Coca Cola on the body?

coca cola contains caffeine and sugar to much soda is bad may cause diabetes and will stain your teeth you may also become addicted to the soda

When was cocaine put into coca cola?

cocaine was first put into coca cola in 1903 by a man named john pembeton he did not think that it was such a bad thing and he only wanted to make people better.