What are all the biomes in Croatia?


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what are the biomes in Croatia

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Yes, my comment is that you should name the 8 biomes like if somebody asked you if you can name all 8 of the biomes?!. I ask you to name all of the biomes. My comment is to name the 8 ones,

all taigas biomes are located at the northern hemisphere.

A portion of land on Earth can be divided into seven biomes.

Desert biomes are found on all seven continents.

The most productive of all biomes is estuaries. It's where the fresh water meets the ocean and contains plenty of nutrients.

ecosystems are all of the living and nonliving things in a ecosystem, and biomes are habitats.

Their medium water is a major natural resource

saltwater biomes are loctaed in all of the oceans in the world. or at least somehwere in the ocean. freshwater biomes are located in lakes, rivers, pons, and all of the other water like subtanes. (: your welcome!

Biomes are large areas that have specific animal and plant groups and are located all over the world. Forests, tundra, deserts, and grasslands are major biomes.

the tropical rainforests

Chaparral is all I know.

all living enfironments.

i want to know this answer for a project on biomes (swamp) i want to know this answer for a project on biomes (swamp) i want to know this answer for a project on biomes (swamp) i want to know this answer for a project on biomes (swamp) i want to know this answer for a project on biomes (swamp)

Freshwater Biomes, Estuary Biomes, and Marine Biomes

yes they do. Croatia is a devoloped country with all the mod cons.

1. Aquatic/Ocean biomes 2. Grassland biomes 3. Tundra biomes 4. Desert biomes 5. Rain/forest biomes

There are the Taiga, Tundra, Desert, Temperate, Rainforest, and Grassland biomes. You may find variations in the listings.

The marine biome is the ocean biome so technically all the biomes are near the marine

Temperature Amount of Sun lighht Precipitation ........... all affect the vegetation in those biomes x

why are biomes important why are biomes important

Who discovered biomes? Who discovered biomes? I have no Idea

Organisms are categorized in land biomes as Tundra biomes or grassland biomes.

i have no idea do you cause i do not at all

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