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the boomerang, the bombs, the shovel, the bombchus, the hammer, and the grappling hook

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Q: What are all the items you can get in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?
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Where do you get the leaf in phantom hourglass?

The "leaf" you are looking for must be the one in The Legend Of Zelda: WindWaker, since there is no "leaf" in Phantom Hourglass. The only items you have there are the Boomerang, Bow, Bombs, Bombchu, Hammer, Hookshot, and a Shovel.

How do you get the cheat code all items in Zelda phantom hourglass?

You need an action replay from Sorry

How do you dig up items on Zelda phantom hourglass?

Use the shovel. You get it on Molidia Island inside the Wayfarers cave.

What are all of the items in Zelda hourglass phantom?

hi, its boomarang, bomb, bow and arrows, bombchus, graverling hook, hammer, and shovel

Where do you get a hammer on Zelda phantom of the hourglass?

you would get the hammer in the 9th temple. it is the same way you got all the other items in a gotta find it

What is tag mode on phantom hourglass?

it is a mode unlocked on freedles island where with another player of phantom hourglass can trade items with you

Action Replay Code Zelda Phantom Hourglass that give you all ship items THAT WORK?

All Ship Parts:L+R+Select94000130 fcff0000c0000000 00000011021ba524 01010101dc000000 00000004d2000000 00000000

At the end of the legend of Zelda phantoms hourglass why doesn't it save?

No Zelda game really lets you save. If they do then you would have to start the game over like wind waker. This way you can keep beating the boss over and over or get the rest of the items.

How do you start with all your items in Legend of Zelda?

You can't

Can you find any items on mercay island for phantom hourglass?

Yes,you can find items on mercay island for phantom hourglass,in the temple of the ocean king.You can find the the southwestern sea chart (no requirements),the phantom hourglass,the northwestern sea chart (after you beat the temple of fire for both),the southeastern sea chart and the northeastern sea chart (after you beat the ghost ship for both).

Are their Action Replay codes for the Legend of Zelda the Phantom Hourglass for all items?

You can get a code for bombs,arrows,and bombchus,but you will never be able to use those items,and all other items will disappear,so you will have to make a new file . [ P.S If you get a new action replay code for this game, you should copy your file if you have open space for another file, so if that code messes up your file, you have a spare one. ]

How do you get all of the weapons and items in Zelda oracle of ages?

In order to get all the gadgets or weapons on The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages you must first have both The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons. Then you can link games so you can get secrets to unlock powerful items, such as the Mirror Shield or The Master Sword.