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What are alpha and beta?

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The first two letters in the Greek alphabet. In statistics the alpha level is the probability that you will wrongly reject the null hypothesis. This is also referred to as a false positive. The beta level is the probability that you will wrongly retain the null hypothesis (false negative). Software that is under development, unstable or still being tested is referred to as being 'in alpha' or 'in beta'. Alpha usually denotes a 'developer release' only. Software moves out of alpha into beta stage when it is ready for wider 'bug' (error) testing by the average user. Software deemed reliable and bug-free then moves out of beta into general release.

2007-04-30 11:01:20
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What is the percentage of alpha and beta in an equimolar mixture of alpha d glucose and beta d glucose?

64% of Beta and 36% of alpha.

When was Alpha Beta Gamma created?

Alpha Beta Gamma was created in 1970.

What is a another name for the stars called alpha and beta?

There is no single star called "alpha" or "beta". The brightest stars (usually) in each constellation are called "alpha" and "beta", followed by the Latin genitiv of the constellation; for example, "alpha centauri", "beta centauri", "alpha orionis", "alpha cruxis", etc.

Why are alpha and beta rays bent in different directions?

Alpha and beta rays are bent in different directions because alpha is positively charged, beta is negative.

Relation between alpha beta and gamma?

alpha=beta/2 & gama/3

Is bacillus subtilis a beta or alpha hemolysis?

is bacillus subtilis beta or alpha hemolysis

What is true about alpha particles in comparison to beta particles?

Both alpha and beta particles have charge.

Alpha beta gamma which is uncharged?

gama radiation is uncharged. Alpha is positive and beta is negative.

What is alpha and beta particles?

They are differnt type of radiation. Alpha are hellium nuclei and beta are electrons.

Which is not considered a raditional ray gamma beta alpha or infrared?

Alpha and beta are not electromagnetic radiation.

When was Beta Alpha Psi created?

Beta Alpha Psi was created on 1919-02-12.

Mass of alpha beta gamma?

Well mass of alpha is 4 but i don't know the other two, sorry The mass for alpha beta and gamma are ... alpha=4 beta=1/200 gamma=0 :)

Can a chain structure model be a alpha or beta?


What is the characteristics of alpha beta and gamma?

charactrestic of alpha

Does lactose contain alpha glucose or beta glucose along with galactose?

you can make lactose with alpha or beta galactose, and alpha or beta glucose. There has been no reference to depict which form is predominant in milk. otherwise it's the beta galactose and alpha glucose which join to form beta-1,4 glycosidic bond in lactose

Who discovered alpha and beta rays?

Ernest Rutherford discovered alpha and beta particles in the year of 1899.

What are the 4 types of adrenergic receptors?

alpha 1, alpha 2, beta 1, beta 2

What is the ionizing power of alpha beta gamma?

alpha is the strongest.... beta is moderate power..... gamma is weak...

Why can't i get minecraft beta or alpha?

The beta and alpha are passed, now you have to play normal I think o.o

What is Alpha Beta Alpha's motto?

Alpha Beta Alpha's motto is 'Books, People, Service, Life'.

What is the difference between Alfacalcidol and vitamin D3?

alpha calcidol is alpha but vit d3 beta so alpha+beta=gamma+delta.hence gamma goes and beta comes do u understand

What are the differences in Minecraft alpha and beta?

The differences between any alpha and beta is that alpha comes before beta. Alpha is when the game is pretty much roughed out and still has lots of bugs and mechanical issues. Beta is when there are only the little bugs left to fix and is almost ready to be released.

What correctly describes the charge of beta particles and alpha particles?

Beta particles, from beta- decay, have a charge of -1. Beta particles, from beta+ decay, have a charge of +1. Alpha particles have a charge of +2.

How is the word alphabet related to the letters of the greek alphabet?

the first 2 letter in the greek alphabet is alpha and beta Alpha from Alpha Bet from Beta

Which is stronger alpha or beta?

it is