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Q: What are animals can detect ultrasonic?
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How you can detect waves?

to detect ultrasonic waves ,place a sensitive flame in its path. if it flickers it proves its existence.

Which Animals which communicate through ultrasonic?

bats can hear ultrasonic sound

What other animal can detect ultrasonic waves?

Bats, dolphins, dogs.

How do you detect defects deep in a material?

Ultrasonic and X-ray investigations can detect many kinds of defects deep in materials.

What does an ultrasonic leak detector do?

Ultrasonic leak detectors, are also referred to as acoustic gas leak detection systems. They are designed to detect gas leakage at outside facilities.

How do you detect ultrasonic waves by thermal method?

By using Wheat's stone bridge we can detect by thermal method. placing platinum wire in which ultrasonic waves have to be tested, due to change in temperature produced in the wire resistance of the wire changes, it is noted by using galvanometer in the bridge.

Describe at least three uses of ultrasonic technology in medicine?

Medical professionals can send ultrasonic waves into a specific part of the patient's body. Reflected ultrasonic waves are used to detect and monitor conditions such as pregnancy and certain types of heart disease and cancer.

What are the uses of ultrasonic sounds?

industrial applications of ultrasonic waves: 1. ultrasonic welding 2. ultrasonic cleaning. 3. ultrasonic drilling. 4. ultrasonic soldering. +++ 5. Flaw detection in metals etc. And many others if you stretch the term "industrial to include, say, medical!

Form of sonar used to detect and locate enemy submarines by means of ultrasonic waves?

Type your answer here... ASDIC

What is the purpose of ultrasonic range finder?

it can find a sniper from a mile away so it is good for the us army

What is the highest frequency that can be detected by dogs?

It depends on the individual dog and also on its race. Many animals can hear ultrasonic frequencies; dogs, for example, can hear sounds as high as 50,000 Hz, and bats can detect frequencies as high as 100,000 Hz.

In steel production what is used to detect flaws in steel casting?

ultrasonic vibration (page 15 penn foster study unit)