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their babys are called komodo drangons and they always be like that

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pups, females can lay up to 20 eggs at a time

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Baby komodo dragons do not have any particular name: they are just baby komodo dragons. Some websites erroneously report that they are called "pups". No reputable sources confirm this.

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Um... I think it is called a Narella, or pup, or cub, or kit.

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Q: What are baby komodo drangons called?
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Can komodo drangons run?

no they slither

Do adult komodo dragons eat baby komodo dragons?

yes when baby komodo dragons are born they run up trees so they don't get eaten by them so yes adult komodo dragons do eat baby komodo dragons

Is komodo dragon a herbivore?

i think a komodo dragon is a smelly nappy baby

What are some ways that baby and adult komodo dragons are alike?

Their both komodo dragons.

Are drangons evil?


How small is a Komodo Dragon baby?

it is 29inches

How are baby komodo dragons born?


What is the island komodo dragons live on called?

komodo island

What is a komodo female dragon called?

Female komododragons

Do drangons exist?

Dragons are mythical creatures that do not exist in the real world. They are often depicted in folklore, literature, and art as large, fire-breathing creatures with wings and scales. While dragons may not be real, they continue to capture the imagination of people around the world.

How much do komodo dragons weigh when they're babies?

It is unknown as to how much a baby komodo dragon weighs because it can vary allot.

Is there any such thing as drangons?