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Baby turkeys are called 'Poults'.

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Q: What are baby turkeys called?
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Related questions

What are baby female turkeys called?

Baby turkeys are called "poults".

What are baby turkey's called?

Baby Turkeys are called Poults...apparently Baby turkeys are called poults- short for poultry.

What are baby wild turkeys called?


What are baby turkeys called and what do they look like?

it is called poult Baby turkeys are a very light pink, a bit like humans skin colour.

What baby turkeys are called?


Female turkey called?

Like chickens, female turkeys are simply called hens. Male turkeys, on the other hand, are called toms. Baby turkeys are known as poults.

What is the name for a baby turkey or a chick?

Baby turkeys are called "poults "

What are female male baby turkeys called?


What are baby male wild turkeys called?


Do turkeys have babies?

Yes, a baby turkey is called a Poult.

Turkey baby name?

Like many other animals, young turkeys or babies are called by a different name. A baby turkey is called a poult.

Why are turkeys called turkeys?

Turkeys are called turkeys because the Turks, a Muslim group, discovered them

Do wild turkeys eat baby rabbits?

Wild turkeys do not eat baby rabbits. Wild turkeys do not eat any kind of meat because they are vegetarians.

What are many baby turkeys called?

chick / chickens / birds / chicken wings / kfc

What do baby turkeys eat?

i have male and female turkeys. and now i have baby turkes. but i dont know about the food of young / new burn / baby turkeys. i have some difficulties to riasing thats.

Is a male turkey called a pogo?

A male turkey is called a tom or gobbler. A female is a hen and baby turkeys are called poults.

Why do baby turkeys peck other baby turkeys butts?

because they eat from there mothers beak

What is a group of baby turkeys called?

If I'm not mistaken they are called dule

What do you call a bunch of turkeys?

A bunch of turkeys is called a flock of turkeys. It's also called a rafter of turkeys.

What are multiple turkeys called?


Can you raise baby turkeys and chickens together?

No you can't. The chickens have a disease that they can pass to the turkeys that can be fatal to the turkeys.

Can you put baby turkeys with older turkeys in the same cage?

no we can't

What is the name given to a male turkey and a female turkey?

A young male turkey is called a Jake and a young female is a jenny. A grown male turkey is a tom or a gobbler and female turkeys are called hens. Chick and poult are the names for baby turkeys.

What is a baby poultry called?

Baby poultry: Baby chickens are chicks Baby Turkeys are poults Baby Ducks are ducklings Baby Geese are goslings

Why are wild turkeys called wild turkeys?

They are called wild turkeys because they are wild and roam in the wild

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