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It can vary from repo company to repo company. but on average in the ny area storage fees can range from $15-40 a day. It depends on the arangement the repo company has with the bank

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2007-12-28 06:45:27
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Q: What are basic repo storage fees etc typical in NY?
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Are there any extra fees after a car repo?

Many. Collection costs, storage, repo fees, etc.

Do you have any recourse if the repo company is trying to charge additional storage fees when you were told previously that there wouldn't be any?

Who told you there would be no storage? The lender? the repo co.? Call the LENDER, they have control of the repo company.

What if they repo your car but you get it back but they want to charge storage fees for speakers in trunk?

You will pay the fees or you will face legal actions and more fees in the attempt to collect the debt. Your best course of action is to pay the storage fees for your personal property--the speakers--and avoid accruing greater debt.

If a car is repossed are you still responsible to pay for the remainder due on the car?

Yes. You are also responsible for repo fees, storage, auction and collection fees. You pay for it all.

How much are repo fees?

As much as the company performing the repo charges.

How many payments do you have to catch up on to get your car back?

You have to get current on your payment, plus the repo fees, plus the repo agency storage fees. And you have to do it before the lienholder gets impatient and auctions off the car - once that's done, you're still responsible for the remaining balance.

Does the car owner have to pay impound and storage fees after repossession?

A car owner has to pay impound and storage fees after repssession because that was their car. The bills are left to the car owner, no one else is going to pay their bills.

What amount will show up on your credit report when a vehicle is repossessed the original cost of car or the balancing remaining?

the BALANCE DUE at time of repo PLUS repo fees and fees to come later.

If a 'friend' drives your car to a repo man without your permission to collect the finders fee how do you get your car back?

To get it back, you pay the amount you are behind or the payoff on the loan, whichever the LENDER wants. AND storage fees.

Can you get your vehicle back after reposssession?

Yes, usually. As long as you can pay the past due balance plus repo fee & storage fees. However, the lender can demand the ENTIRE balance if they want to. (They generally dont)

What damages can be collected after repossessing a car other than deficiency?

The fees related to the repo and sale of the vehicle.You can dispute the fees.

What is the difference between a car been repossessed or voluntarily surrendered?

AS far as your credit goes there isn't any a repo is a repo it stays on your credit for seven years.A voluntary repo can save you $200-300 in repo fees .You are still charged all the fees related to preparing the car for auction and auction fees etc. which run between $500-700 and up.And of course that is added to the balance after the the car is sold.

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