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what are blast and crucible furnaces

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Q: What are blast furnace and crucible furnaces?
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What has the author Robert Forsythe written?

Robert Forsythe has written: 'The blast furnace and the manufacture of pig iron' -- subject(s): Cast-iron, Blast furnaces, Blast-furnaces

Why lead blast furnace is rectangular?

because round (mushroom furnaces) have limit in diameter of furnace, rectangular (Rachette furnace) can solve those problems

What has the author Tunner written?

Tunner. has written: 'On the use of lignite or brown coal in the blast furnace' -- subject(s): Blast furnaces, Lignite

What has the author A Korevaar written?

A. Korevaar has written: 'Combustion in the gas producer and the blast furnace' -- subject(s): Combustion, Gas producers, Blast furnaces

Closed container where ore is heated to extract metal?

Depending on the scale, it could be a crucible, a furnace or (only in the case of iron) a blast furnace.

What has the author J E Johnson written?

J. E. Johnson has written: 'The principles, operation and products of the blast furnace' -- subject(s): Blast furnaces

What has the author John L Stevenson written?

John L. Stevenson has written: 'Blast furnace calculations and tables for furnace managers and engineers' -- subject(s): Furnaces

Who first invented the blast furnace?

Some will give credit to Sir Henry Bessemer invented the modern day blast furnace in 1855. However, if you look historically the Chinese invented the blast furnace. By at least the 4th century the Chinese have developed blast furnaces to obtain cast iron from iron ore. This was 1200 years before the first blast furnace showed up in Europe.

Why is a blast furnace called blast furnace?

how does the blast furnace maintain the heat ?what is the function of CaCO3 ?how the slag protect the molten iron ?why does iron flow down to the bottom /how does the slag and molten iron get seperated ?what is use of waste gas /what is main impurity of iron in blast furnace ?

What are disadvantages in steel making blast furnace?

Blast furnaces require you to go and stick dil*o up your vag, then lick my long john and give a fellatio to your cousin.

How many types of furnaces are there?

* Walking Beam Furnace * Walking Hearth Furnace * Roller Hearth Tunnel Furnaces for thin slabs * Rotary Hearth Furnaces * Pusher Furnaces

What are facts about the blast furnace?

The oldest extant blast furnaces were built during the Han Dynasty of China in the 1st century BC, that's pretty interesting if you ask me. And of course the fact you get a 'SLAG' at the end.