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Q: What are cell references in a formula called?
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What is a calculation involving one or more cell references in a spreadsheet?

It can be called a formula.

When cell references are copied and adjusted for each new position what is each adjusted cell reference is called?

Relative reference

What happens to cell references used in formula when you move a formula?

If you move a formula, as opposed to copying it, cell references will stay the same.

What is an absolute formula in Excel?

It would be a formula that includes absolute references in cells. When such a formula is copied, those cell references will not change. An absolute cell reference includes cell references with two dollar signs in them, like: $A$2.

What is relative reference?

if you move or copy the formula to another cell, the cells referred formula will changed. Excel adjusts the cell references relative to the new cell in which the formula is pasted. this is called relative referencing.

In excel if you copy a formula to another location and the cell references change to reflect the position of its copied location the formula contains a what?

It contains relative cell references.

Can you copy cells with an absolute reference?

A relative cell reference is one that will change to a different cell if you copy the formula. An absolute reference is one that will always use the same cell. For example, say you have a percentage in cell B1 that you want to add to all the cells from A3 down. In cell B3 you could use the formula '=A3*(1+$B$1)'. If you copy this formula to the cells below B3, the reference to A3 will change to be the cell immediately to the left, because it is a relative cell reference. By adding the $ symbol before the B and the 1, however, an absolute reference is created. It will always refer to cell B1.

Are cell references that change when copied called automatic cell references?


What changes when it is copied or moved in Excel?

Relative cell references and some mixed cell references will change when a formula is copied.

Can you combine cell references and functions into one formula?


What cell formula does not change even with new formula inserted?

Formulas with absolute references.

What are Cell references that reflect the row and column they have been copied to are called?

Relative Cell references