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that have a great personality

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Q: What are characteristics of vertebrates that other chordates do not have?
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What are characteristic of vertebrates that chordates do not have?

Vertebrates do have a spinal cord and backbone but not the other chordates

What is the Relationship with vertebrates to non chordates?

Vertebrates are chordates. The relationship between vertebrates and non-chordates is not as close as that between vertebrates and chordates.

What animals have the four basic characteristics of chordates plus a vertebral column?


All vertebrates are chordates but not all chordates are vertebrates?

all vertebrates are chordates because vertebrates are the sub- group of phylum chordates and also it follow one of the important feature of the chordates i.e. presence of notochord whereas all chordates are not vertebrates because some chordates are cephalochordates, urochordates.

What is the difference between chordates and vertebrates?

Chordates have a notochord, dorsally located nerve. Vertebrates have a vertebrae or a back bone. All vertebrates are chordates, but not all chordates are vertebrates. Essentially there is no difference as vertebrates are chordates. Chordates are animals which possess, or at some point in their life cycle did possess a notochord. A notochord is a hollow nerve chord which ends in a brain. Other chordates include the Cephalochordates (lancelets) and Urochordates (tunicates).

Are wolves chordates?

Yes. All mammals are vertebrates, and all vertebrates are chordates.

Is chordates vertebrates?

Chordates are not vertebrates because although some vertebrates are chordates theres many reasons why chordates arent vertebrates.the first reason is because chordates consist of a notochord or a dorsal nerve.

What is the popular name for chordates?

There isn't a "popular name" for them. The most familiar chordates are the vertebrates, but not all chordates are vertebrates (tunicates, for example, are chordates).

What is the vertebrates subgroups?

vertebrates are a subgroup of chordates

How do you write chordates in a sentence?

Chordates are animals with vertebrates.

How do vertebrates and chordates differ?

Vertebrates are a subgroup of the chordates, meaning that all vertebrates are chordates, but not all chordates are vertebrates. Vertebrates are distinguished from other chordates by having backbones or spinal columns.All vertebrates have muscular systems that mostly consist of paired masses, as well as a central nervous system which is partly located inside the backbone (if one is present). The defining characteristic of a vertebrate is considered the backbone or spinal cord, a brain case, and an internal skeleton, but the latter is not true for lampreys, and the former is arguably present in some other chordates. Rather, all vertebrates are most easily distinguished from all other chordates by having a clearly identifiable head. Sensory organs--especially eyes--are concentrated at the foreend of the body, and there is pronounced cephalization.

Which of the following is not a group of chordates?


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