What are clothes?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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The things you wear, unless you have never worn them and have been naked your entire life.

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Q: What are clothes?
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What is a load of clothes?

A load of clothes is a bunch of clothes put into a washer

What do you get a fifteen year old girl for Christmas?

Clothes! clothes! clothes! and more clothes!!

Are pyjamas clothes?

Pyjamas are clothes I mean, if you wear them, they are clothes. If you didn't, they would not be clothes.

How did mothers with children get over the problems of clothes rationing?

all the girls have problems with there mothers over clothes because the childrens and the mothers are not in the same generation gap because the clothes how parents like are old_fashoned clothes they are long and loose clothes they are of dark clothes ,cheap clothes and classical clothes but girls like fashiomables clothes ,tight trousers ,colourful clothes,sport clothes and expensive cloyhes

Helen clothes and Mary clothes each one owns her own clothes. How do you write it down in possessive form?

Helen's clothes and Mary's clothes.

What clothes do Lithuania people wear?

They were cotten clothes not clothes that you were in winter

What are the capital resources of clothes?

Clothes , clothes ,clothes! There are so many different types of clothes in the world that I don't even know to start!

What is the analogy for clothes?

clothes : body as blankets : bed clothes : closet as money : wallet clothes : cloth as window : glass clothes : shirt as jewelry : necklace

Did pirates wash there clothes?

they simply jumped in the water with their clothes on and rubbed their clothes.

What soil means when washing clothes?

Dirty. Soiled clothes are dirty clothes.

Which is correct where are your clothes or where is your clothes and why?

Where Are Your Clothes' And That Would Be Right Cause It Is The Right Answer To Answer. If You Dont Know Go Back To Third Grade! Where are your clothes, because clothes is more than one.

Where do Cymphonique get her clothes from?

she get her clothes from walmart