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Have more rounded caudal fins that enable them to make quick darting movements Ability to detect the correct host species by olfactory stimuli Able to bleach itself in color at night and hide within the anemone tentacles

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What adaptations does a clownfish have?

They can not get stung by sea anenamies. and they use them for protection.

What adaptations do clownfishes have?

Clownfish have some great adaptations to survive. One of them is to be safe from sea anemone stings, by having special oils on their scales.

What kind of adaptation does Nemo have?

Nemo is a fictional character and has no adaptations. If you are referring to Clownfish in general, they have developed a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemones they live with. The Clownfish attract larger fish that the anemones stun and eat, and the Clownfish get protection from bigger fish.

What adaptations do clown fish make?

Clownfish live in symbiosis with the Sea Anemone. The Clownfish leaves waste for the Anemone to feed on while the Anemone shelters it from predators. The most predominant adaptation a Clownfish has is its ability in immunity to Anemone stings, thusly, the mutualism.

What are some adaptations for a clown fish?

Its ocean and finding prey, Hope this helps but I dont really know much on clownfish

What types of clown fish are there?

Heres all the ones I know: -Common Clownfish -Orange Skunk Clownfish -Maroon Clownfish -Pink Skunk Clownfish -Red sea Clownfish -Barrier Reef clownfish -Clark's Clownfish -Cap Clownfish !

Is there an lps clownfish?

no there is not an lps clownfish.

Describe the niche of a clownfish?

The niche of a clownfish is the specific role that the clownfish has in it's ecosystem.

What are the defenses of a clownfish?

the defenses of a clownfish is there tail

What is a group of clownfish called?

a group of clownfish

What adaptations does a clown fish have?

The clownfish have more rounded fins than other anemone fish and this makes it a slower swimmer. But, these fins enable the fish to make quick darting movements. Clownfish are immune to the anemone sting, because of a mucus they have. This gives them a place to hide from predators.

What fish live in the same area as a clownfish?

* Amphiprion allardi - Allard's clownfish * Amphiprion melanopus - Cinnamon clownfish * Amphiprion clarkii - Clark's anemonefish * Amphiprion ocellaris - Ocellaris clownfish * Amphiprion percula - Percula clownfish * Amphiprion perideraion - Pink skunk clownfish * Amphiprion polymnus - Saddleback clownfish * Amphiprion sebae - Sebae clownfish * Amphiprion bicinctus - Red Sea clownfish * Amphiprion tricinctus - Three-band anemonefish * Amphiprion ephippium - Red saddleback anemonefish * Amphiprion frenatus - Tomato clownfish * Amphiprion chrysopterus - Orange-fin anemonefish * Amphiprion akallopisos - Skunk clownfish * Amphiprion sandaracinos- Orange skunk clownfish * Amphiprion rubacinctus - Australian clownfish * Premnas biaculeatus - Maroon clownfish

Do clownfish migrate?

Clownfish do not migrate. There are various reasons that they do not.

Is it clownfish or clown fish?

The correct term is clownfish.

What continent are clownfish found?

what continent is the clownfish found

Do starfish eat clownfish?

No, the starfish will not eat the clownfish.

How do clownfish breed?

Clownfish like sea anemones, they "live" in them. Once a girl clownfish finds a boy clownfish to her specifications, she lays eggs and he fertilizes them. Hope this helped

How does the clownfish move?

Their back fin move the clownfish through the water and their side fins help the clownfish steer.

What are the adaptations of a percula clownfish?

a couple of the behavioral adaptations are they depend on the anemone and they are aggressive to own kind in wild, but they aren't in captivity. a physcological one is they change from male to female 1 time! and a physical adaptation is they have rounded fins so they can swim faster. ttyl!

Do clownfish have lungs?

No, clownfish, like other fishes, have gills.

What is the name of the taxonomic class that clownfish are in?

Clownfish are in the class Actinopterygii.

What are two different fish?

a flouder and a clownfish a flouder and a clownfish

When was Percula clownfish created?

Percula clownfish was created in 1802.

When was Ocellaris clownfish created?

Ocellaris clownfish was created in 1802.

When was Saddleback clownfish created?

Saddleback clownfish was created in 1758.

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