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UC Davis

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Q: What are colleges you can go to in California to be a veterinarian?
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What are some colleges here in California with a good veterinarian program?

In California in the United States there are two accredited colleges of veterinary medicine - The University of California and Western University.

How long does it take to become a veterinarian at Fresno state university?

If Fresno State University is in California, you can't become a veterinarian there. The two colleges of veterinary medicine in California are UC-Davis and Western University.

What colleges do you go to become a web developer?


How many colleges in California?

about 10-15 but i would go and check or ask somebody whos been to California

What degrees are acceptable when applying to go to veterinarian school?

Veterenian schools accept any colleges degree. There are prerequisite courses that must be completed as part of your degree program before applying to veterinarian schools.

Do veterinarian assistants need to go to veterinary schools?

Veterenian assistants are not required to go to veterinary schools. They can get online training or obtain trainig at local community colleges.

What colleges are good for becoming a veterinarian?

What colleges are recommended for veterinarian?

Texas A&M is a great veternarian College

Can a veterinarian go overseas?

Yes, and the transfer works in all directions. Veterinary colleges around the world recognize the accreditation of foreign veterinary colleges and most countries have formalized paths for graduates of foreign veterinary colleges to enter the country and practice veterinary medicine. In addition, service with a country's military often allows a veterinarian to practice medicine around the world.

List of division 1 colleges in California?

list all div 1,2,3 colleges in California

What is the population of Foundation for California Community Colleges?

The population of Foundation for California Community Colleges is 458.

Where can one find Business Colleges in California?

Someone can find business colleges in California from a number of websites such as Yelp. Yelp has an online directory of business colleges located in California.

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