What are comets made of?

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Comets are usually made primarily from ice, along with dust, rocks, and frozen gases. Essentially anything that might be found floating around in space could be found in a comet. Some of the commonly known materials include:

  • Ice, mostly water (H2O) and frozen carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Ionized gases
  • unionized gases (condensed gases)
  • Ammonia
  • Dirt (containing Iron, Aluminum, Sulfur and other elements)
  • Some organic material - various carbon molecules and compounds

When a Comet gets close to the sun you will be able to see a long glowing tail or coma. This coma consists of particles ejected from the comet as the Sun's heat vaporizes the frozen components.

More information:

Comets are icy bodies of the solar system. They consist of frozen gas, dust particles and stones or rocks of various sizes from dust size to hundreds of meters. They are distinguished from asteroids by the presence of a coma (the shiny tail). They are of two types. Comets of short duration which generally have their origin from the great Kuiper belt, a ring which extends beyond Neptune. The comets of long duration have their origin from the extra solar nebula, a spherical shell of material at the outside edge of the solar system known as the Oort Cloud. Short period comets, therefore, have trajectories mostly in the plane of the solar system, while long period comets might come from any direction.
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Q: What are comets made of?
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