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Q: What are compound words with the the words day?
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What is the compound word of day dream?

The compound word made from the words day and dream is daydream.

What compound words have the word day in them?


Is birthday a compound word?

Yes birthday is a compound word. The words are birth and day.

Is birthday compound word?

Yes birthday is a compound word. The words are birth and day.

Is the word Sunday a compound word?

Yes, "Sunday" is a compound word made by combining "sun" and "day."

Is Sunday a noun and a compound word?

No. It is a noun but not a compound word. Because it is a day of the week it has nothing to do with the individual words.

Is Sunday a compound word?

Yes!!! Because the word Sunday can be split into two meaningful words. viz. 'sun' and 'day'.

Is daylight a compound word?

yes it is because of the words day and light that are in it

How do you make a compound word?

Compound words are made by putting two words together. Examples: every + day = everyday back + ground = background eye + brow = eyebrow birth + day + birthday

Is holiday a compound word?

No, a compound word is made up of two or more words. The word 'day' is a valid word but 'holi' is not. ------------------ If you consider the word's origins, as "holy day," then yes, it is a compound word.

Is the word daytime a compound word?

Yes, the word daytime is a compound word formed by combining "day" and "time."

What is compound words and example?

compound words