What are conductors of sound?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Everything with the exception of vacuums I think

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Q: What are conductors of sound?
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How many sound conductors are there?


Are solids sound conductors?

yes they are

Is silver a good conductor of sound?

yea all solids are good conductors of sound

What are conductors and isolators?

Conductors are devices that conducts or transmit heat, electricity, or sound. (An example would be a lightning rod.)Isolators are devices that detect short circuits and isolates them.

What conductors are found in a tree?

tree sap, since it makes a radiative sound of electro-magnetic waves.

Name three conductors of sound?

Three of the most common substances are air, water and dirt. Just about anything that can have its molecules or particles vibrated will conduct sound.

What materials can produce sound waves?

Every material transmits sound. Some better than others.

You know that sound can travels through solids because?

solid r the best "conductors" of sound. think of speakers....the speaker vibratess, which, essentially is the sound"..sound is simply the vibration of the air molecules...speakers r simply the way to get the air molecules to vibrate in specific frequencies

What are conductors insulators and semi conductors and super conductors?


Are scissors conductors?

They are Conductors, not much for insulation though. Differences between conductors and insulators? Conductors let energy such as electricity .

Is it true that shield wires conductors located above the phase conductors protect the phase conductors against lightning?

Yes, but they're not 'phase' conductors, they're 'line' conductors.

If ther are more than conductors in the raceway the ampacity of the conductors must be derated?

Ampacity must be derated depending on the number of conductors and the ambient temperature. In the Canadian Electrical Code Table 5C denotes derating for the number of conductors. 1-3 conductors = 100% load 4-6 conductors = 80% 7-24 conductors = 70% 25-42 conductors = 60% 43 or more conductors = 50%