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What are considered to be long legs for a 14-year-old?

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There is not a specific length as a person could be "short" and still be considered to have long legs proportionately. (It's hard to explain what constitutes long legs because it's all about the relationship of the legs to the length of the torso.) But, I'd have to say that if your legs are over 8 feet long, it's probably safe to say you have long legs for a 14-year-old.

2006-08-03 01:54:28
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Bones in arms and legs?

long bones

What are considered long legs for a 12 year old girl?


Is llama legs long or short?

Relatively speaking, they are considered to be short.

How long is a daddy long legs legs?

An adult daddy long legs will have segmented legs, that when stretched out would be about 5 to 6cm long.

Why do they have long legs?

yes they do have long legs

Does elephant are short or long legs?

long legs

Why do basset hounds have long legs?

They don't have long legs, their legs are quite short.

Why is a daddy long legs called a daddy long legs?

Because they have long legs compared to the size of their bodies.

Why is daddy long legs named daddy long legs?

if you have ever seen one they have very long legs

Are grand daddy long legs and daddy long legs related?

Daddy long legs are not spiders. They are called harvestmen and they have 10 legs. Grand daddy long legs are spiders and they are also called cellar spiders.

How long are giraffes legs?

their legs are 8 feet long.

Did the velociraptor have long or short legs?

They had particularly long legs

Why are kangaroo's considered a high jumper?

They are considered the highest jumper because their hind legs are long and when they bend down and jump it seems they jump very high.

What has longer legs a spider or a daddy long legs?

A "daddy long legs" is also a spider. It has the longest legs of any arachnid.

How did the daddy long legs get its strange name?

The daddy long legs is named for its incredibly long legs, which are massive in comparison to its body.

Do jaguars have long legs or short legs?

Jaguar's legs are medium sized. There not to short and not to long either.

What do you call a female daddy long legs?

Mummy Long Legs

Why does an ostrich have long legs?

the long legs help them run faster

What spiders have long legs?

i think it is only the daddy long legs

Does a black widow have long legs?

no its legs or about 1 cm long

What makes a giraffe run fast?

It has long legs

What are Female daddy long legs called?

mommy long legs just like baby daddy long legs are called baby legs. since they are called what they are. its that simple! :)

A steer with two short legs and two long legs?

A steer with two short legs and two long legs is "lean beef."

Do you have to have long legs to be a model?

you don't but most designers like models with long legs, especially if you are young with long legs, designers will love it.

Why do animals have long legs?

They have long legs to support the weight they carry or like deer they have long agile legs to run from predators in the wild.