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Aubs, aubby, bre bre, breezy, aubster, my name is Aubree(:

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Q: What are cool nicknames for the name Aubrey?
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What are cool nicknames for Aubrey?

The 2 best in my opinion are Aubs and Auby because it keeps the name in tact and doesnt belong to other names i have a girlfriend named aubrey and she hates it when people call her bree or brea bc it doesnt syit her real name

Is Aubrey a cool name?

According to BabyNamesWorld, "Aubrey" has increased in popularity as a female baby name from 209 in 2001 to 42 in 2008.

What nicknames did James Aubrey go by?

James Aubrey went by Jimmy.

What nicknames does Aubrey Ralph go by?

Aubrey Ralph goes by Obka.

What nicknames does Aubrey Graham go by?

Aubrey Graham goes by Aub, and Drake.

What nicknames does Aubrey Lynea Shore go by?

Aubrey Lynea Shore goes by Aubs.

What nicknames does Anthony Aubrey Tobin go by?

Anthony Aubrey Tobin goes by Tony.

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