What are descriptive words for home?

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Cozy, safe, broken, messy, orderly, clean and other words can describe a home.
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What is a descriptive word for Good?

It depends on the subject of the sentence. The descriptive word of 'Good' could be among the following: Delicious - flavorful. tasty. tasteful. Healthy - normal. sound. vigorous. Kind - considerate. generous. tolerant. Genuine - real. sound. valid. Reliable - dependable. loy ( Full Answer )

What are descriptive words to describe a beach?

Adjectives that describe a Beach: . sandy . sunny . cool . breezy . hot . lazy . vast . private . crowded . desolate . peaceful There are many more that could be used. Just remember that many of the words that can be used to describe anything are contradictory, so you have to choose ( Full Answer )

What is a good descriptive word for an alligator?

There are a few :) They can crush bones - "Bone Crusher"? They ambush their prey - "Spy"? Perhaps a more mature way to describe an alligator is as a large, carnivorous reptile.

Best description of the word exogramy?

It is defined as marriage outside a specific group of people thatmake a social unit. For example marrying outside the clan or familyor tribe.

What are descriptive K words?

Khaki, knotty, key, keen, kind, kinetic, kiddy and knowledgeable are descriptive words. They begin with the letter k.

Descriptive words for dark?

smokey black grey mist dark pitiful black noire a billowing shadow blinding absense of light obscure murky dim dusky gloomy

Descriptive paragraph about come home barkley?

Hi, I am the author of COME HOME BARKLEY. Barkley is the story of a cute little dog whose family moves from New York to Indiana. Barkley is supposed to go by plane to his new home, but he gets loose at the airport, and he spends the rest of the book trying to find his people. If you would like ( Full Answer )

Is amazingly a descriptive word?

Amazingly is an adverb. It modifies a verb. "He played amazingly."Many words with an LY at the end are adverbs. Amazing would also be a descriptive word (adjective). "That pie wasamazing."

What does the word description mean?

A description is a sentence, paragraph, or book which tells you what something is like: what it looks like, how it acts, what it does. Descriptions can be of anything as long as they give details of what something is like.

Descriptive words to describe a cottage?

Gee, I'm not sure there are any descriptive words that describe. That's a good almost question. I believe "quaint" would be a good word to describe a cottage.

What is a descriptive word for someones voice?

Some examples of descriptive words for a person's voice are:. Silky . Raspy . Taunted . gasped . husky . strangled . stuttered . toneless . shattered . heavy . scoffed . babbled . velvety . hissed . snapped . pleaded . cried . shrill .

What are descriptive words called?

Words that describe people, places and things (nouns) are called adjectives.. Words that describe actions (verbs) are called adverbs.. A general term for describing words is modifier.

What are descriptive words for women?

Ambitious, brilliant, courteous, decisive, energetic, fearless,generous, humble, industrious, jovial, kindhearted, likeable,modest, neighborly, optimistic, pragmatic, quiet, reliable,sincere, thoughtful, unselfish, vigilant, witty, xenophobic,youthful and zealous are words that describe women.

Why use descriptive words?

Without descriptive words, writing is just a recipe or instructions. Like food needs salt to bring out the flavor, writing needs description. We look at the world through all of our senses. Reading is done primarily with only our eyes. We need to engage other senses to make what we read interesting, ( Full Answer )

What descriptive cooking words start with A?

Some descriptive cooking words (adjectives) that start with A are: . acidic . added . adventurous . appealing . appetizing . aromatic . authentic . awful

Can you help with descriptive words for water?

mirrored, clear, silvered, murky, muddy, inky, deep, luminescent, teeming (ie. with fishy life or otherwise), temperature descriptors like cold and warm, lukewarm, etc

Funny self description words?

im sort of i loose cannon , the center of attention. i put the pop into popular , i look down on people as if im in an airplane. Respect is a word i dont know and sympathy is an art i havent mastered. feelings fly away like a leaf , moving and stopping , no one cares

What are some descriptive words for mouth?

a big hole on someones face ! sentence example : #YouKnowWhatsAnnoying ? These Windows 7 commercials . Telling you all to shut that big hole on your face that's constantlyy makin weird noises was my idea !.

To use descriptive words is to what?

describe = to provide details. When describing objects, consider how it. feels . tastes . sounds . looks . smells . Also, ask these questions:. what category of things does it belong to? ie. is it an animal, a food, a tool, etc. . what objects are related to it? . what is its function? . ( Full Answer )

Descriptive words for a haunted house?

Spooky Dark Alarming Terrifying Petrifying Hair-raising Spine-chilling Blood-curdling Bone-chilling Horrifying Frightening Creepy Nailbiting Gut-clencher Petrifying

What are some descriptive word pairs?

There are many wonderful descriptive word pairs such as deliciouslydelectable. Another popular descriptive word pair is magicallymysterious for example.

Descriptive words for girls?

Some are mean and some are nice Some are smart some are dumb Girly Love to gossip Intelagent

Masculine descriptive words in French?

beau (handsome / beautiful) grand (big / tall) souriant (smiling) chaud ou froid (hot or cold) nerveux (nervous) joueur (playful)

List of descriptive words for person?

Tall, Short, Fat, Thin, Medium, Little, Big, Sweet, Strong, Weak, Suave, Pretty, Homely, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Ugly, Elegant, Clumsy, Smart, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Worldly, Naive, Dumb, Stupid, Stubborn, Mature, Immature, Childish, Friendly, Faithful, Fickle, Mean, Malicious, Evil, Gregarious, Shy, ( Full Answer )

List of descriptive words for school?

Some words to describe school are: . new . old . private . public . small . large . art . technical . drama . electronics . business . law . engineering . evangelical . magnet . charter . parochial . elementary . middle . high . boarding . military . graduate . medical . on- ( Full Answer )

Description words for the letter o?

Obedient, obese, obscene, obscure,obvious, occasional, odd, official, oily, old, olive, onerous,open, opaque, oral, orange, orderly, original, outdoor, oval,overall, overbearing, overblown and overconfident are descriptivewords. Additional adjectives include overcooked, overdue, overhead,overjoyed, ( Full Answer )

What is the description for the word description?

A sketch or account of anything in words; a portraiture or representation in language; an enumeration of the essential qualities of a thing or species. . The act of describing ; a delineation by marks or signs. . A set of characteristics by which someone or something can be recognized.

What are some descriptive words for Hawaii?

A beautiful site, palm trees surrounding the land, natives roam the streets, stars come out every night so pretty, Never to cold, Nor to hot just beautiful

What are some descriptive words for a bird?

There are plenty of descriptive words for bird, it just depends what you are trying to describe about the bird. I'll list a few to help get you started. wet, chirping, singing, dirty, spotted, noisy, furry, whistling..... the list could go on and on, but this should give you an idea.

What is a descriptive word for Fun?

Some descriptive words (adjectives) for the noun fun are: . enjoyable fun . interesting fun . occasional fun . some fun . great fun

What are some descriptive words for texture?

Words to describe texture: . bumpy . cottony . firm . furry . fuzzy . grainy . gritty . plush . prickly . rigid . rough . satiny . silky . slimy . slippery . smooth . soft . squishy . sticky . velvety . waxy

What is the best description for the word trusts?

There are different definitions of the word trusts. As a verb, trust means to have faith in (what a person / companysays or does); to believe in the words or actions of someone orsomething. Example: I felt I could trust the company when the representativepromised the repair would be completed tod ( Full Answer )

What is the description of a lion's home?

Lions inhabit primarily the Savanna. A savanna, is a tropical grassland ecosystem characterized by the trees being sufficiently small or widely spaced so that the canopy does not close. The open canopy allows sufficient light to reach the ground to support an unbroken herbaceous layer consisting pri ( Full Answer )

What are descriptive words that are describe waterfalls?

cascade, cloudburst, downpour, flux, shower, stream, tide, overflow, outburst, flowing, overflowing, gushing, rushing, pouring, flooding, deluge, spate, current, active water, liquid light, effusion

Is the word dark a descriptive adjective?

Yes, the word 'dark' is an adjective used to describe a noun (a dark night; a dark blue). The word 'dark' is also a noun; a word for the absence of light (Ican't find my keys in the dark ).

Where can you find a description of the word 'clack'?

The description of the word clack can be found in a dictionary or on a good website which can define words. Often sites may have several meaning to one word so its best to verify the meaning with several sites to get a better understanding of it.

What is a sentence with the word descriptive?

The language in the book was very descriptive, making it easy forthe readers to picture the situation. A radio commentator needs to be much more descriptive than a TVcommentator does.