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Q: What are device codes for Emerson model LF391EM4F?
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What is the code for Emerson tv model ewt2721 using the directv remote?

Use the sylvania codes. That worked for my motorola remote.

What are the Emerson tv codes le290em4f for directv?

11864 with directv remote model RC65RX. All tv functions work with this remote.

Emerson model lc 320 emxf code for comcast remote?

0154, 0236, 0463, 0180, 0282, 0178, 0179, 0038, 0177 and 0280 are the possible remote codes for Emerson TVs.

Where can you find a Emerson DVD?

where can i find a Emerson DVD player at. model. ewd7001 trusurround.

Is the Emerson tv model EWF2004A digital?


What is Emerson TV model number TC1375A TV remote code for dish-network?

The remote code that will program your DISH Network remote to your Emerson TV will be one of the following (I recommend starting with the first code if it doesn't successfully program your remote you can try the following codes,) 632, 569, 672, or 516.

What does communication error code 0540 in fax machine mean?

It competely depends on the model of fax machine. Consult the user manual for the device, usually it will have a troubleshooting page that lists the error codes for that specific model.

How do you open an emerson electric floor fan model 89649-f?

Pull on the grill.

What has the author Douglas G Emerson written?

Douglas G Emerson has written: 'Documentation of a heat and water transfer model for seasonally frozen soils with application to the precipitation-runoff model' -- subject(s): Soil permeability, Permeability, Frozen ground

What is the code for Emerson tv for a Emerson jumbo remote?

I also have a Toshiba TV...the codes listed in the flyer supplied are... 013 049 098 105 109 117 118 120 159 178 109 was the correct one for my specific model of Toshiba TV

What is the screen resolution for a Emerson model lc220em1 flat screen tv?

Native Resolution is 1366 x 768

What are the programming codes for model number RX9119GY21?