What are different types of freedom?

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Economic Freedom - The freedom to make contracts, to buy and sell, the freedom to work for whom you choose, the freedom to keep your money once you have earned it.

Religious Freedom - The freedom to worship (or not) as you choose without government restriction.

Freedom of Movement - The right to go where you choose when you choose within your country, without government interference.

Self Defense - The freedom to defend yourself, your family and your property from theft and violence.

Political Freedom - This could be either a freedom from government, or the freedom to have a say in who is in charge.

Personal Freedom - The freedom to choose how you will live your life, so long as you are not injuring somebody else when you do so. Under this, i would include things like the right to decide how much salt or trans fat you would like to eat, what drugs to take, etc.
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Is free will different from freedom?

Yes, free will is different from freedom. Free will is you wanting to do something without anyone having told you to do that, it is you doing something that was your own idea, that came from you, that you decided to do being only influenced by you. Freedom is having space, time, to do what you w ( Full Answer )

Whats the difference between freedom of speech and harassment?

Answer . Freedom of speech is basically saying what you have on your mind, to be able to express yourself, your beliefs,etc. without any trouble what so ever. Harassment is not allowing others to speak or do things freely. To trouble others basically.

What is the difference between freedom and liberty?

Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg suggests that many languages do notdistinguish between "liberty" and "freedom." Nunberg concedes that"even in English, the words can sometimes seem to be equivalent."However, Nunberg notes a distinction:".... liberty implies a system of rules, a 'network of restraint andor ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between freedom and a right?

A right is something you are born with and die with. Something that you notice is gone when it's taken away. For example, in America, we have freedom of speech, which means that we have the right to speak out for what we believe in. We would know if we didn't have that right if it was taken away ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the freedom writers book and movie?

A lot of the movie is directly related to the movie. However, a lot of the time placements and when things happened were out of place. film is more focused on the students inside the class room the book is is more about te teen lifes the movie shows more of the teachera life & the book doesn't

What types of freedom are there?

freedom of speech freedom of press freedom of religion freedom of assembly freedom of representation

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Are rights different from freedoms?

Yes, rights mean that you have for example you have the right to vote. Freedom mean you a free and you don't belong to anyone or anything.

What type of noun is freedom?

The noun 'freedom' is a singular , common , abstract noun; a word for the absence of necessity,coercion, or constraint in choice or action; a word for a concept;a word for a thing.

What is the difference between freedom independence and liberty?

Avoiding for a moment the dictionary definitions, to this writer freedom is the ability of a person to do those things he wishes, at least to the reasonable extent of not harming others. Freedom means that you can keep your home safely, have a right to work, learn, play, and do business. Independe ( Full Answer )

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What is the difference between External and Internal freedom?

According to 'williamgairdner.com', Internal Freedom refers to the first and most basic type of freedom is embodied by the chap in jail. He has all his internal freedom, but no liberty. All normal human beings are born and remain free in the most important sense that they are forever and at every co ( Full Answer )

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What can freedom do?

o.k i think the best answer to freedom and why when and how...?/! FREEDOM ; by going where you want to go by speaking when you want to by not beening locked up

How are human rights different from freedom?

Freedom by definition is defined as the state of being free, without restraint. Many things that we consider human rights are just a group of freedoms that apply to our modern understanding of the rights of individuals pioneered by liberalism. One could argue that isn't a contractual freedom a form ( Full Answer )

Is free different from freedom?

Free means like you currently have escaped or been released for any reason. Freedom is when you have your own rights and what you want to do and what you decide to do.

What type of services does Freedom Financial offer?

Freedom Financial offers a wide variety of loans, including FHA Loans (Federal Housing Authority Loans), VA Loans (Veterans' Administration Loans), Non-Conforming Loans, USDA Loans (U.S. Department of Agriculture Loans), Rural and Agriculture Loans, and HARP Loans (Home Affordable Refinance Program) ( Full Answer )

What is the type of noun for freedom?

The noun 'freedom' is a singular, common, abstract noun; a word forthe ability to act or move without restriction or confinement; aword for a thing.