What are dinosaurs characteristics?

Updated: 11/15/2022
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big reptilian and walk on only four or two legs

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Q: What are dinosaurs characteristics?
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What are the coverage characteristics of life ins?


Are dragons fictional or did they exist with the dinosaurs?

They are fictional, though their characteristics may be inspired in part by dinosaurs.

What are the three characteristics of naming a dinosaur?

where the dinosaurs are found.

Write the names and characteristics of those plants and animals that are extinct?


What are the characteristics of a Brachiosaurs?

The Brachiosaurus was part of the family of dinosaurs known at the brachiosaurids. Some characteristics of the Brachiosaurus include their front legs being longer than their back legs and them being in the family of the tallest dinosaurs.

What characteristics do dinosaurs share with lizards?

Well dinosaurs have scales and so do lizards and some lizards eat meat and so do dinosaursone difference is that some dinosaurs can fly and all lizards carn't

Which characteristics did many dinosaurs share with todays lizards?

They had long tails, scales, and laid eggs

Where are dinosaurs now?

All around us. Birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs and share many characteristics with their ancestors including feathers. As for the rest of the dinosaurs 99% of all species that have lived on this planet have died out or evolved into something else. There is no reason dinosaurs should be any different.

What physical characteristics did Troodons have?

Troodons had the characteristics of both birds and dinosaurs. They were around 8 feet in length and about 110 pounds. They had one of the biggest brains for a dinosaur group.

Archaeopteryx was a creture that once lived and the chracteristics of what?

it had characteristics of both birds and dinosaurs, leading to the facts birds evolved from carnosaurs

Are there dinosaurs living in any dinosaur Park?

The question of if there are any surviving dinosaurs is being debated in science today. The birds are now considered avian dinosaurs by most scientist because they evolved directly from dinosaurs and many of their characteristics are very close to some therapod dinosaurs characteristics. Recent findings even suggest that some dinosaurs were also covered in feathers further blurring the distinction between birds and their dinosaur ancestors.

What characteristics features personalities etc do most people love about dinosaurs?

Since scientists can only hypothesize about how dinosaurs walked, ate, interacted with other animals, and behaved, ordinary people can only rely on depictions of dinosaurs, such as in the movie Jurrasic Park. Therefore, no one can really say what a dino's "personality" was like.