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The disadvantages are your eyes will hurt, and playing games on computer is not healthy to us.

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Advantages and disadvantages of computer?

Advantages and disadvantages of computer?There are many advantages and Disadvantage of Computer likeAdvantages of ComputerSave our DataDocumentationPlaying VideosPlaying GamesAudio MusicPrintoutDesigningNetworking etc.

What is games playing?

games playing is programming computer to playing games such as online games, lan games.

What are the disadvantages video games?

I've been playing since i was 2. I see no disadvantages.

Will playing games on my computer give me viruses?

No just by playing computer games you will not get computer viruses. Software from trusted publishers shouldn't pose any risks to your computer.

Is playing educational games on the computer considered studying?

It is if you are playing games from that subject.

How do you stop teenagers from playing computer games?

Teenagers can be stopped from playing computer games by unplugging the computer or video game console. Parents can engage their teens in other activities other than video games to curtail computer game playing as well.

What is another word for playing on the computer?

Playing computer games (I think) who even asked this question?

What are some of the disadvantages of computer virus?

what are the disadvantages of computer virus what are the disadvantages of computer virus

Introduction of effects of computer games in academic performance?

introduction of effect of playing video games and computer games

What is your brother doing?

he is playing games on the computer

Disadvantages of the computer?

what are the disadvantages of learning computer at school

How many people don't like playing computer games?

There are many people who do not like playing computer games, nor even going on a computer. Its impossible to count how many people are like this.

Advantages and disadvantages of online games?

disadvantages: students consume much time in playing, than reading thier books

What is the best computer for playing games?

There a many computers that will work for playing games or "gaming." You need a computer with a fast processor and plenty of memory to keep up with modern games.

What games can be downloaded onto the computer?

There are many different games that can be downloaded to a computer. One can download arcade games, puzzles, simulator games, and role playing games.

Will your computer always be slow when you have played game on it?

No. Installing and playing games on a computer only slows it down while you are playing them.

Why does the computer get jerky when playing computer games?

You are moving the mouse so fast it jerks

Will RuneScape ruin your computer?

No, runescape will not ruin your computer. Playing runescape has as much chance of ruining your computer as playing games on Miniclip, Newgrounds, or sites like that.

What are the basic applications of computer?

The answer is home , cartoons , playing games

Function of joystick?

a joystick is used for playing games in the computer

Why are you not allowed to play games on the computer?

Anyone is allowed to play any games on a computer, I mean on a personal computer. On school/college/university computers, playing games is not educational and should not be allowed to access the games.

Will playing games make your computer slow?

no. playing games will not make your comp slow. If you download a game that takes up alot of member then, probably your computer would get a little slower.

What are the disadvantages of memory?

There are no disadvantages of computer memory. They are a fundamental concept in a modern computer.

What are the advavantages avd disadvantages of computer in transportation?

the disadvantages of computer in transportation is wala

What is the average amount of time children spend playing computer games per day?

The amount of time children spend playing computer games per day has risen steadily over the years. In 2012, a study revealed that children spend seven and a half hours playing computer games per day.

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