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These disturbances are known as "waves". Examples include compression waves in air or other media (i.e., sound), and electromagnetic waves, which can travel both through matter and through empty space.

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Q: What are disturbances that carry energy through matter?
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Are rhythmic disturbances that carry energy through space and matter?


What are rythmic disturbances that carry energy without carrying matter?


What is something that Carry's energy through empty space and through matter?

The answer will depend on who is Carry and what his energy is doing in empty space.

How do waves carry energy through matter?

They don't

Do waves carry energy through matter as mechancial waves?

I suppose you mean whether mechanical waves carry energy? The answer is yes.

Waves that do not requir matter to carry energy through space?

Radio waves and light waves.

Do wave carry matter and energy?

it is energy

Electromagnetic waves dont carry any matter what do they carry?

Electromagnetic waves carry energy, not matter.

How energy travel?

"ENERGY" travels through WAVES. *Waves is created through disturbance of Matter (the Medium). *Waves carry energy from Particle to Particle of Matter. <credits> *Journel Cabrillos*

What is a disturbance moving through a liquid solid or gas?

It may be called a "wave." Waves are a type of vibration that carry energy from molecule to molecule through matter. A "wave" can also be electromagnetic energy, which does not require matter to propagate.

Say true or false. all waves are traveling disturbances that carry energy from place to place?

It is true. A wave is a disturbance through space or time that carrys energy. For example, lets say sound waves. A sound wave carrys the energy (sound) to you.

Can waves carry energy and matter?

Waves can transfer energy.