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Electronic devices are devices which involve the control of the flow of electrons by means of other electrons, rather than by mechanical means. A physical switch, consisting of a piece of metal which touches another piece of metal to pass along a flow of electrons is NOT an electronic device, but rather is an ELECTRICAL device. A TRANSISTOR, in which a small voltage controls a larger flow of electrons, IS an ELECTRONIC device. A vacuum tube is also an ELECTRONIC device, because a small voltage on the grid of the tube controlls a larger current of electicity through the tube.
and which new one is important and explain why?
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Why is a computer an electronic device not an electrical device?

All modern day computers are built using electronic or semiconductor processors and components, so these are electronic systems which of course need electrical power to operate but are not in general put under category of electrical devices..

Why is computer an electronic device?

Only because that is the best technology currentlyavailable to build them with. Many computers have beenproposed and/or designed and/or built with other technologies, afew of which are (with an example if possible): . mechanical - Babbage's Analytical Engine , designed butnever built and Zuse's ( Full Answer )

What is clipper in electronic devices and circuit?

clipper is an AC application of diode. The Clipper clipps off a portion of the input signal waveform without distorting the remaining part of the alternating waveform. We can use different type of alternating waveforms as input such as sinusoidal, Triangular, square etc. There are different types of ( Full Answer )

How does RAM work in electronic devices?

RAM is an acronym for random access memory. RAM acts as a capacitormemory which holds data briefly as it moves through the processor.

What are the most popular electronic devices?

i-pod touch and many more like computers, cell phones, music players, Micro-resonance Imaging Devices, Blue-ray recorders, Satellite devices, TV digicomps, Microwave ovens, Advanced washing machines, etc

What is an electronic device that processes data?

There are different types of processing devices. Processing devices with computers are devices that transform computer data into a usable format for the user. The devices can perform many different functions such as store data, analyze and sort data, record and display data, and calculate and summar ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a wet electronic device?

There are several ways to try and dry a wet device, like an iPod or cellphone. They work to differing degrees in different times, and can be used together or alone. . Place it in a warm, dry room for a few days, testing daily to see whether it has dried yet. . Turn a hair dryer to low and wave it ( Full Answer )

First electronic device?

relay and vacuum tube are the electronics devices which are invented firstly in the field of electronics. but they are not revolutionary as transistor which was discovered by John Bardeen.after that other devices are invented like fet mosfet and after that digital devices was invented with the hel ( Full Answer )

What device discovered the electron?

According to Historians, Thomas Edisonâ??s invention of the lightbulb led to the discovery of the electron where Edison noticedfilaments inside the bulb released electrons.

What are the disadvantages of electronic storage devices?

While there are many advantages to electronic storage devices,there also some disadvantages. The disadvantages include theirability to get a virus, and the technical issues that they canoften experience. These issues can be difficult for many users tofix.

Electronic devices and circuits?

it is a branch of electronics which deals with the basic circuit principles and their functioning which help us to understand complex circuits to be constructred later.it is with this that one gets to understand many different types of cicuits and connections in the modern electronic gadgets,

What is electronics devices?

Electronic devices are computers, televisions, DSIs and many more. If you dont understand me, go to http://dictionary.reference.com/ or type dictionary.com for shorter... Hope this helps!

What are types of electronic devices?

There are basically two type of electronic devices: Active devices - these devices are able to amplify or process the signal like diode fet and BJT. Passive devices- those are not capable of amplifying the signal; these devices are resistance inductance, etc.

How do electronic devices influence us?

Technology influences us in many different ways, we use technology to help us, to benefit having it there in situations and to guide us to our goals. Technology can be very important to have and very bad to have. As more and more people get influenced by technology the more people choosing technolog ( Full Answer )

Which was the first electronic device?

The relay was the first electonic- in a sense, component part other than switches and fuses, etc. It made modern telegraphy possible and evolved into the repeater- thus the relay- a remote controlled switch, was in effect the first ( Electronic) device, though not anything involving crystals, diodes ( Full Answer )

What is earthing of electronic devices?

as we walk on a carpet webuild a charge this charge can and will harm any electronics. So the proper procedure is to eliminate this charge by discharge oneself the earth ground literally

Advantages of simple electronic device?

I'd like to give you three examples of the advantages of simple electronic device when you want to learn English in the following: MP3 Audio Programs: Download the lessons from an English translation internet site and put them on your iPod. Because it is portable, you can listen and learn anywher ( Full Answer )

Is tv remote electronics device?

Remote controls very much an electronic device. The electronics read button pushes and convert them into streams of pulses. The pulses are sent to a light emitting diode (LED) where they are turned into light. Therefore the link between the remote control and the television is a purely optical one.

Why the semiconductor is used in electronic devices?

Electronic devices works with electric current (AC / DC), some conductors are used to control current by amplifying, change in voltage etc. All eletronic devices have its own power supply system that regulates electric current. These power system uses transfermer with diode and capacitors in old ( Full Answer )

Why you should have electronic devices at school?

they should be allowed because some many kids have there phones mp3 ipods and everything else already in class that they should be allowed the teacheres could allow them to only use them during certain times and on certain days like only at lunch and on Fridays and Mondays and then make them put the ( Full Answer )

What are electronic Control devices?

One type of electronic control device is a hand held immobilizing device … that is used by police departments to control uncooperative or dangerous subjects. It is operated by propelling two darts at a hostile subject. When the two darts … strike the subject, so long as both [hooked barbs] ( Full Answer )

Burn-in time for Electronic Devices?

As burn-in for electronic devices is the term used to describe the quality control testing phase of an electronic device then life gets very interesting, very quickly. Integrated Circuits are burned in, assembled devices are test for a time set by the manufacturer which is long enough to find any fa ( Full Answer )

An scr is an electronic device that?

That is used as a switching device. They are very common in Inverter circuits and can switch up to 1000's of amps.

Are headphones an electronic device?

No it isn't. ---- Technically speaking that is correct headphones are not electronicdevices. They are a form of tranducer and therefore anelectro-mechanical device.

Why you use some electronic devices?

Electronic devices as mostly used because of numerous advantage: It is cheap. It has high Lifetime It makes the equipment light in weight. It consumes less electricity.

Is computer an electronic or mechanical device?

Both. Overall, computers are generally referred to as electronic devices but they are a combination of electronic and mechanical parts. The most common hard drives read a magnetic storage disc mechanically, though the new solid state drives that are taking over have no moving parts. Optical drive ( Full Answer )

How do you insulate electronic devices?

you need a non conductive material surrounding all exposed conductive material; assuming you mean electrical insulation and not shock or radiation

What can be a electronic device?

Any device that uses the control of electrons to operate. So, anything battery operated or anything you plug in that controls the flow of electrons would constitute an electronic device. So, for example, a telephone is an electronic device, and a vacuum cleaner sort of blurs the line but can be cons ( Full Answer )

Which is a voltage tripler electronic device?

A voltage tripler (or doubler, quadrupler, etc.) is a network of capacitors and diodes arranged in series/parallel so that, when they filter an AC waveform, such as the output of a flyback transformer, they produce DC that is a multiple of the peak value. They are most often used to generate the hig ( Full Answer )

What is an opto-electronic device?

Opto-electronic is an abbreviation of "optical-electronic". It refers to a class of electronic devices that incorporate light emitters and/or detectors. Opto-electronic devices include emitters like LEDs and solid-state lasers and detectors like photodiodes. Products incorporating opto-electronic d ( Full Answer )

What job fixes electronic devices?

Electronic technician, electronic maintenance, small appliance repair, computer repair or maintenance technician and so forth.

How do you eat an electronic device?

Electronic devices should not be consumed, even in small quantities. They can cause intestinal bleeping, square eyes, and Atari syndrome (also known as Nintedonitis).

Are electronics devices harmful to environment?

No they are not Directly harmful for Environment they are very close to echo friendly in comparison to any mechanical or chemical device or any vehicle. they are very close to noiseless . and most of them do not emitt gases some exception are Refregerator and air conditioner.

Why computer is an electronic machine not electronic device?

It is considered a machine because of the multiple occurrences of independent thinking and learning supplied by the CPU and or the multifunctinal uses of said equation. A2 It could be argued, the other way around. A computer is a Device rather than a Machine . A machine implies mechanical device ( Full Answer )

Why are electronic devices so popular?

Because smoking cigarettes is not the popular thing to do anymore (people love to waste time doing useless things). Playing with E.D.'s doesn't cause lung cancer an it's more interesting than twiddling your thumbs

Why silicon is preferred as an electronic device?

Electronic elements are mainly composed of semiconductor elements which are carbon , silicon and germanium of which carbon acts as conductor due its layer like internal structure n germanium is very rarely available but where as silicon is most abandantly available n have high temperature coefficien ( Full Answer )

Why electronics devices useful?

Why were stone tools useful? Both electronics & stone tools allow us to do things we could not do without them or could do but with much less efficiency.

Which electronic devices can be purchased from Vishay?

Vishay, a manufacturer of electronic components, sell both semiconductors and passive components. Their semiconductor products include Analog Switches, Rectifiers, Power Modules, and Optical Sensors. Their passive components products include Capacitors, Film Resistors, Magnetics (Inductors, Transfor ( Full Answer )