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Enchiladas are culturally significant because they are an ancient food. It has been shown that enchiladas have been prepared since the time of the Aztecs and Mayans which makes this food very rich in family and cultural traditions.

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Cultural significance

How do you say 'I'm going to cook enchiladas' in spanish?

I am going to COOK enchiladas is "voy a cocinar enchiladas". I am going to MAKE enchiladas is "voy a hacer enchiladas".

When were enchiladas invented?

Why did they invent enchiladas?

What is the cultural significance of a hookah?

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What are the origins of enchiladas?

The origin of enchiladas is Mexico.

What is better tacos or enchiladas?

tacos and enchiladas

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Where did cheese enchiladas originate?

Enchiladas are originated from Mexico

How do you say i will bring enchiladas in spanish?

i traerá enchiladas

Are enchiladas made on Hanukkah?

Not necessarily. Enchiladas are a Mexican food.

What time of the day are enchiladas served at?

Enchiladas are a dish that is served either for lunch or dinner. Enchiladas are a Mexican dish that is a main dish.

Who eats enchiladas?

Enchiladas is a Mexican food enjoyed by the rest of the world.

Did John Adams eat enchiladas?


How do you say thank you for the enchiladas in Spanish?

Gracias por las enchiladas.

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The cultural significance of bangles in Pakistan varies. Some people use it as a gift to someone that they love while others wear bangles as a fashionable accessory.

What year were enchiladas invented?

The year enchiladas were invented was the year of 1949. Back in 1949, enchiladas were simply tortilla stuffed with seasoning and salsa.

How much chicken for enchiladas for 100 people?

The amount of chicken enchiladas for 100 people will vary depending on how many enchiladas each person will eat. Three hundred will let each person have 3 enchiladas.

What is an example of a sentence using the word cultural?

People of different countries have cultural differences. The painting has cultural significance.

What are the main features of a cultural world heratige site?

outstanding beuty hitorical significance cultural/religious values

What is the cultural significance of wave rock?

Wave Rock is shaped like a tall ocean wave. It has cultural significance to the Aborigines with over 140,000 tourists every year visiting the Wave Rock.

What do enchiladas have in them?

It depends. There is bean, beef, and chicken enchiladas. they all have Mexican sauce on them

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