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to do something on our spare time

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Q: What are enrichment classes in public schools?
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Are classes in dietetics offers in public schools?

Unfortunately, classes in dietetics are rarely found in public schools. Everything related to wellness is lumped under one class called "Health".

Are private or public schools better?

it depends on the teachers, classes, ect.

What online high schools are available?

There are no options for online high schools. You can not take classes online if you are enrolled in a public high school.

Why can't the gov let public schools offer free driver ed classes?

Public schools no longer offer free driver ed classes where they do not have the money to pay teachers to teach them. The government usually does not forbid it but simply does not pay for them. The government uses its money elsewhere.

How come creationism isn't taught in public schools?

Creationism IS taught in public schools. There are many forms of creationism taught in mythology classes. Creationism, itself, is explored in philosophy classes. Biblical creation is taught in English and literature classes. Musical interpretations of Genesis are taught in music classes. Creationism is not taught in science classes because it is not supported by any scientific evidence whatsoever. It makes no verifiable predictions. It also has no practical application.

Can kids pray in American public schools?

They do not have chapel or religion classes, but in free time they are allowed to but they would probably get teased for it.

What is one possible economic effect of the issues with public schools?

The income gap between the lower and upper classes increases.

How do you decide issues about religion in the public schools?

It has already been decided by the government, public schools can't force kids to pray or attend religious meetings, and public schools can't forbid classes on religion as long as it is only an elective, they can't forbid after school religious clubs formed by students either.

What is academic enrichment?

Academic enrichment are subjects, areas of study, or activities that are not a part of the regular academic studies. Enrichment might include music classes and lessons, dance, sports, and art.

What schools have religion classes?

Religious schools.

How is public school different from non public schools?

In the U.S. public schools are free and non public (private) schools are not. In Great Britain, some schools we in the U.S. would call private schools are called public schools.

Can schools hold high regards to involve religion?

In the United States and some other jurisdictions, public schools are not permitted to promote religion in the classroom or school activities. In some cases, scripture classes are permitted as long as students are not required to attend those classes.