Hydro Power

What are examples of hydro energy?


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The three gorges damn, Hoover damn

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Dams are an example of hydro electric energy because they produce energy while water going through it

wind energy ,hydro energy,fossil fuels,wood etc.

hydro energy heat energy wind energy light energy

it comes from turbines and generators.

Examples are Coal, natural gas, oil, firewood and hydro

Three examples of renewable energy are:solar,wind,hydro (dams, tidal and wave).Three examples of non-renewable energy are:Coal,oil andnatural gas.

Natural Forms of energy : Solar, Hydro, Wind, Heat energy Artificial : Nuclear, Muscular, Electric, Mechanical,

Wind turbines, Solar panels, hydro power

Renewable energy! Solar energy, wind power, hydro power and Geothermal power. Hope i helped:)

The difference between ocean energy and hydro energy is that ocean energy collects kinetic energy from waves in the ocean, while hydro energy collects it from water coming down from dams

Hydro is Latin for water so hydro power gets its energy from water. It's often powered by a waterwheel.

Hydro energy is man made from natural resources

Renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass, biofuel and hydrogen).

hydro electricity, wind power, solar power, geothermal

the good thing about hydro energy is that water (hydro) is all around us so we will pretty much never run out of it. the bad thing is it's hard to control

they get it from the hydro/water energy

an hydro power car saves aboout 49% of energy

No, hydro-power comes from moving water so it is kinetic energy.

Hydro energy, once placed on the transmission system, is as effective as energy generated by any other means.

hydro-electricity is water power of energy

Solar powerWind powerHydro power (water, dams, tides and wave energy).

Norway gets its energy from hydro electric power and Norway has 99% hydro power

hydro power energy can simply be generatelly from the water, rivers or steams system

They are also called alternative energy resources. Examples of renewable energy (solar, wind, water, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal, ocean thermal, biomass and biofuel) .

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